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Classroom †debate Essay

What methods back end instructors / trainers use to establish basis rules with their learners? I currently teach in a Category C, Male Populated Prison and I am employed in education to deliver a broad spectrum of cordial reception qualifications to class of 10 learners. In turn I have an bargain to mentor to a minimum of 25 guided training hours per week, to embroil numeracy, literacy, and ICT. Therefore it is essential for me that establishing ground rules argon fundamental for ensuring classroom focusing in any learning environment understanding the needs and views of those contributing, volition have a greater appreciation from the pigeonholing.Atherton, J. S (2005) defines ground rules as The minimum necessary conditions for getting learning wreak done in the class. By setting boundaries for learners, they pass on help to create a right and relaxed environment that will ultimately promote transparency, underpin behaviour and interchangeable respect for each other . Three distinct options could be utilised * The teacher who can shrink a very autocratic attitude and ordinate the required behaviour expected. * The learners set the agenda, with little guidance, giving limited social organization to the classroom.* Open and honest controvertion between the teacher and the learners to tout ensembleow individuals to sidle up what they go through is important to the pigeonholing. This leads towards everyone living with group decisions and refraining from articulating their own personal reservations outdoor(a) that group. There are several ways of establishing ground rules through consensual agreement and negotiation Small group method Breaking the group into smaller units to think around a limited number of aimions that they feel are important to them. Go around the room to discuss these ideas, age also trying to elicit an understanding behind their submissions.Ensure that the group is happy about their input, but make certain that any confounded and basic rules are incorporated Allow the group to openly discuss the suggestions and allow them to debate the value and worth to the classroom. The group can thus vote to stipulate what rules the class should adhere too. By recording the rules, you will have a reference point for the class to focus should individuals pass out to abide. Periodic revisiting and re-evaluation will highlight any deviation from those motive Rules terra firma rule poster There can be issues regarding the level of understanding from a group who may have poor literacy standard.A Ground Rule Poster may be more applicable in these circumstances a pictorial significance can have the aforementioned(prenominal) emphasis as a written statement. The Acronym method Utilise the ground rules to invent a short inventive statement AAchieve goal LLearner conflict EElicit perfection XXcel Brookfield & Preskills method Ask the students to think about the best group discussions, they have been involved in. What happened that made these discussions so red-blooded? Next, ask the students to think about the worst group discussion in which they have been involved. What happened that made these discussions so unsatisfactory?For each of the characteristics, have the students suggest three things that the group might do to ensure that these characteristics are manifest or not present as the case may be. subprogram the students suggestions to draft a set of ground rules on which you all agree. land the guidelines. Copy the list and bring it to section the following week. This way all students have copies that they can refer to over the semester. Periodically, have the class take a moment to evaluate whether the guidelines established at the beginning of the semester are being followed, and whether they work.The kind of behaviour and respect you would aim to achieve by negotiating and establishing the ground rules with the learners will ultimately define and underpin the success of th e learning experience. Tutor name Sally Welsh Word count 633 Ashley Robson Bibliography equal from Brookfield, S. and Preskill, S. (1999). Discussion as a Way of Teaching Tools and Techniques for Democratic Classrooms. San Francisco Jossey-Bass. Atherton, J. S (2005) defines ground rules as The minimum necessary conditions for getting learning work done in the class.

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Family history Essay

incline 12 Oct, 02 2013 Cuiyu.He Mr.Wong My Father My retain is one responsibility person. My grandmother has quadruple children, my father is the oldest one, and he has two brothers and one sister. They were very poor in their childhood, my father only finished middle school, and accordingly he postulate go get a job for his brothers and sister to pay for the school. When my father was teenager, he can do a lot of things such as farming, selling the crops and take care of the family. My Father was born in 1963, has see the Cultural Revolution of the 60 s and seventy s life, he has also experienced the Cultural Revolution after the era of advance and opening up in the eighty s and ninety s life and well-off life in the 21st century. I evermore hear my father say, I was born at right duration when I was born I can consecrate anything. Before mainland China carried out purify and open policy, my father was not enough cardinal year old.The whole country was poor at that tim e, Even the common people to raise a few chickens and sold eggs have a little more money cant get buy frock, include my fathers family. My father remember as he was a child, every sew a saucily clothes must wait for Chinese current Year, and sewed particularly big, wear in the embody doesnt fit, sewing plan have to resurrect up when he was three years old can wear, if the fit, the body learn up a year, the clothes will not grow up. Every clothes were wear by brother and yonger brother and then sister in turns. anyway, the youngest children basic cant wear new clothes, can only wear take down the old clothes, and oft the old clothes on pile of patch.When my father was a kid, heed to my grandmother said in order to save money, grandmother precisely buy 1 cent or 2 cents vegetables, 9 cents of rice, meat, slant is unthinkable, is eat fish oil are not to burn, only 5 per person per month plan two oil, half jins of flesh, Sometime they do not have enough food for everyone, th ey were only eat perfumed potato evey meal they do not have any pork barrel to eat, and until they would have a chicken to eat must wait for New grandmother to the balance of the money you gave birth to a child do confined, due to the lack of nutrition, grandmother sometimes faint in the ground, the grandads wages to the 52, 50 RMB, only slightly better family life.In order to reduce the burden of my grandfather, my father took temporary workers, worked at the porters, stevedore, caster, Turner, he only have 28 to 60 RMB a month. After the reform and opening up to a good period, especially into the 21st century, our lives have improved considerably, my fathers income also has in the past three hundred RMB rose to nearly 30000 , my father was building our first home in our hometown. In 1997, my father immigrant to the Untied State, he also working secure every day. My father used his whole life for his family, I hunch him, and He is always my most respected person in my heart.

Angels Demons Chapter 64-65

64Langdon and Vittorias taxi completed the wiz-mile sprint up the ample Via della Scrofa in just entirely all over a minute. They skidded to a stop on the s poph spot of the Piazza del Popolo just ahead eighter from Decatur. non having whatsoever lire, Langdon overpaid the driver in U.S. dollars. He and Vittoria jumped out. The piazza was quiet except for the jape of a handful of locals seated outback(a) the popular Rosati Cafe a hot spot of the Italian literati. The breeze smelled of espresso and pastry.Langdon was tranquillise in semiconsciousness over his mistake at the Pantheon. With a cursory glance at this squ be, however, his sixth sense was al find outy tingling. The piazza seemed subtly filled with Illuminati meaning. no only was it laid out in a perfectly oviform shape, but dead center stood a towe besiege Egyptian dagger a squ atomic number 18 pillar of st ace with a distinctively pyramidic tip. Spoils of Romes imperial plundering, obelisks were scatter ed across Rome and referred to by symbologists as towering Pyramids skyward extensions of the sacred pyramidal form.As Langdons eyes locomote up the monolith, though, his sight was suddenly drawn to something else in the background. Something until now more remarkable.Were in the right place, he said quietly, feeling a sudden overt wariness. Have a look at that. Langdon pointed to the imposing Porta del Popolo the full(prenominal) stone archway at the further end of the piazza. The vaulted mental synthesis had been overlooking the piazza for centuries. exanimate center of the archways highest point was a exemplary engraving. font familiar?Vittoria looked up at the huge carving. A flare star over a triangular pile of stones?Langdon shook his head. A source of Illumination over a pyramid.Vittoria turned, her eyes suddenly long. equivalent the Great Seal of the United States?Exactly. The Masonic symbol on the one-dollar bill.Vittoria took a deep breath and scanned the pia zza. So wheres this damn church?The Church of Santa maria del Popolo stood out homogeneous a misplaced battleship, askew at the sales booth of a hill on the south tocopherol corner of the piazza. The eleventh-century stone eyrie was made even more clumsy by the tower of scaffolding covering the façade.Langdons thoughts were a blur as they raced toward the edifice. He stared up at the church in wonder. Could a murder really be well-nigh to take place at heart? He wished Olivetti would hurry. The gun felt unskilful in his pocket.The churchs front stairs were ventaglio a welcoming, curved fan humorous in this case beca aim they were blocked with scaffolding, construction equipment, and a sign modelConstruzzione.Non EntrareLangdon realized that a church closed for renovation meant total retirement for a killer. Not like the Pantheon. No fancy tricks needed here. tho to find a way in.Vittoria slipped without hesitation between the sawhorses and headed up the staircase.Vi ttoria, Langdon cautioned. If hes still in in that respectVittoria did non seem to hear. She ascended the main portico to the churchs sole woody entry. Langdon hurried up the stairs seat her. Before he could learn a word she had grasped the handle and leave offed. Langdon held his breath. The door did non budge. there moldiness be a nonher entrance, Vittoria said.Probably, Langdon said, exhaling, but Olivetti will be here in a minute. Its too dangerous to go in. We should cover the church from out here until Vittoria turned, her eyes blazing. If theres another way in, theres another way out. If this abuse disappears, were fungito.Langdon knew enough Italian to admit she was right.The alley on the right spatial relation of the church was pinched and dark, with high rings on both placements. It smelled of urine a common aroma in a city where bars out topiced frequent rest live twenty to one.Langdon and Vittoria hurried into the fetid dimness. They had gone virtually fifteen yards stilt when Vittoria tugged Langdons arm and pointed.Langdon saw it too. Up ahead was an retiring wooden door with laboured hinges. Langdon recognized it as the standard opening move sacra a private entrance for clergy. Most of these entrances had gone out of use years ago as encroaching buildings and limited real realm relegated side entrances to inconvenient alleyways.Vittoria hurried to the door. She arrived and stared down at the doorknob, evidently perplexed. Langdon arrived behind her and eyed the peculiar donut-shaped hoop hanging where the doorknob should have been.An annulus, he whispered. Langdon reached out and quietly lifted the ring in his hand. He pulled the ring toward him. The fixture clicked. Vittoria shifted, looking suddenly uneasy. Quietly, Langdon twisted the ring clockwise. It spun loosely 360 degrees, not engaging. Langdon frowned and tried the other direction with the same result.Vittoria looked down the remainder of the alley. You deem the res another entrance?Langdon doubted it. Most conversion cathedrals were designed as temporary fortresses in the event a city was stormed. They had as fewer entrances as possible. If there is another way in, he said, its probably recessed in the support bastion more of an escape route than an entrance.Vittoria was already on the move.Langdon followed deeper into the alley. The walls shot skyward on both sides of him. Somewhere a campana began ringing eight oclockRobert Langdon did not hear Vittoria the first time she called to him. He had slowed at a stained-glass window covered with bars and was trying to consort inside the church.Robert Her voice was a loud whisper.Langdon looked up. Vittoria was at the end of the alley. She was pointing some the back of the church and waving to him. Langdon jogged reluctantly toward her. At the base of the rear wall, a stone bulwark jutted out concealing a constringe grotto a kind of compressed passageway cutting without delay into th e foundation of the church.An entrance? Vittoria asked.Langdon nodded. Actually an exit, but we wont grab technical.Vittoria knelt and peered into the dig. Lets check the door. cod if its open.Langdon opened his mouth to object, but Vittoria took his hand and pulled him into the opening.Wait, Langdon said.She turned impatiently toward him.Langdon sighed. Ill go first.Vittoria looked surprised. More chivalry?Age before beauty.Was that a compliment?Langdon smiled and go past her into the dark. Careful on the stairs.He inched slowly into the darkness, keeping one hand on the wall. The stone felt sharp on his fingertips. For an news bulletin Langdon recalled the ancient myth of Daedelus, how the boy kept one hand on the wall as he move through the Minotaurs labyrinth, knowing he was guaranteed to find the end if he never broke contact with the wall. Langdon go forward, not entirely certain he involveed to find the end.The tunnel narrowed slightly, and Langdon slowed his pace. He sensed Vittoria close behind him. As the wall curved left wing, the tunnel opened into a semicircular alcove. Oddly, there was rickety light here. In the dimness Langdon saw the outline of a heavy wooden door.Uh oh, he said.Locked?It was.Was? Vittoria arrived at his side.Langdon pointed. Lit by a fizgig of light coming from within, the door hung ajar its hinges splintered by a ruination bar still lodged in the wood.They stood a moment in silence. and so, in the dark, Langdon felt Vittorias hands on his chest, groping, sliding beneath his jacket.Relax, professor, she said. Im just acquire the gun.At that moment, inside the Vatican Museums, a task force of Swiss Guards interruption out in all directions. The museum was dark, and the guards wore U.S. Marine issue infrared gawk. The goggles made every(prenominal)thing appear an eerie shade of green. Every guard wore headphones affiliated to an antennalike detector that he waved rhythmically in front of him the same devices th ey use twice a week to sweep for electronic bugs inside the Vatican. They moved methodically, checking behind statues, inside niches, closets, under furniture. The antennae would sound if they detected even the tiniest magnetized field.Tonight, however, they were getting no readings at all.65The interior of Santa Maria del Popolo was a murky cave in the dimming light. It looked more like a half-finished tubing station than a cathedral. The main sanctuary was an obstacle course of torn-up flooring, brick pallets, mounds of dirt, wheelbarrows, and even a rusty backhoe. Mammoth columns rose through the floor, supporting a vaulted roof. In the air, silt drifted lazily in the muted effulgence of the stained glass. Langdon stood with Vittoria beneath a sprawling Pinturicchio fresco and scanned the gutted shrine.Nothing moved. Dead silence.Vittoria held the gun out in front of her with both hands. Langdon checked his retard 804 P.M. Were crazy to be in here, he thought. Its too dangero us. solace he knew if the killer were inside, the man could leave through each door he wanted, making a one-gun outside stakeout totally fruitless. Catching him inside was the only way that was, if he was even still here. Langdon felt guilty over the blunder that had cost everyone their chance at the Pantheon. He was in no position to insist on precaution now he was the one who had backed them into this corner.Vittoria looked harrowed as she scanned the church. So, she whispered. Where is this Chigi Chapel?Langdon gazed through the dusky ghostliness toward the back of the cathedral and studied the outer walls. Contrary to common perception, Renaissance cathedrals invariably contained multiple chapels, huge cathedrals like Notre Dame having dozens. Chapels were less rooms than they were hollows semicircular niches belongings tombs around a churchs perimeter wall.Bad news, Langdon thought, beholding the four recesses on each side wall. There were eight chapels in all. Although e ight was not a particularly overwhelming number, all eight openings were covered with huge sheets of clear polyurethane due to the construction, the unequivocal curtains plain intended to keep dust off the tombs inside the alcoves.It could be any of those draped recesses, Langdon said. No way to know which is the Chigi without looking inside every one. Could be a good reason to wait for Oliv Which is the substitute(prenominal) left apse? she asked.Langdon studied her, surprised by her command of architectural terminology. tributary left apse?Vittoria pointed at the wall behind him. A enhancive tile was embedded in the stone. It was engraved with the same symbol they had seen outside a pyramid beneath a shining star. The grime-covered plaque beside it readCoat of arms of Alexander Chigi whose tomb is located in the secondary left apse of this CathedralLangdon nodded. Chigis coat of arms was a pyramid and star? He suddenly found himself wondering if the wealthy patron Chigi had been an Illuminatus. He nodded to Vittoria. Nice work, Nancy Drew. What?Never mind. I A piece of surface clattered to the floor only yards away. The clang echoed through the entire church. Langdon pulled Vittoria behind a pillar as she whipped the gun toward the sound and held it there. Silence. They waited. Again there was sound, this time a rustling. Langdon held his breath. I never should have let us make in here The sound moved closer, an intermittent scuffling, like a man with a limp. Suddenly around the base of the pillar, an object came into view.Figlio di puttana Vittoria blasted under her breath, jumping back. Langdon fell back with her.Beside the pillar, dragging a half-eaten prepare in paper, was an enormous rat. The creature paused when it saw them, staring a persistent moment down the barrel of Vittorias weapon, and then, apparently unmoved, continued dragging its apprize off to the recesses of the church.Son of a Langdon gasped, his heart racing.Vittoria lowere d the gun, quickly indemnification her composure. Langdon peered around the side of the column to see a workmans lunchbox splayed on the floor, apparently knocked off a sawhorse by the resourceful rodent.Langdon scanned the basilica for accomplishment and whispered, If this guys here, he sure as hell heard that. You sure you dont want to wait for Olivetti?Secondary left apse, Vittoria repeated. Where is it?Reluctantly Langdon turned and tried to get his bearings. Cathedral terminology was like stage directions totally counterintuitive. He approach the main altar. Stage center. Then he pointed with his thumb backward over his shoulder.They both turned and looked where he was pointing.It seemed the Chigi Chapel was located in the threesome of four recessed alcoves to their right. The good news was that Langdon and Vittoria were on the correct side of the church. The bad news was that they were at the wrong end. They would have to traverse the continuance of the cathedral, passin g three other chapels, each of them, like the Chigi Chapel, covered with translucent moldable shrouds.Wait, Langdon said. Ill go first.Forget it.Im the one who screwed up at the Pantheon.She turned. exactly Im the one with the gun.In her eyes Langdon could see what she was really thinking Im the one who lost my father. Im the one who helped build a weapon of mass destruction. This guys kneecaps are mineLangdon sensed the futility and let her go. He moved beside her, cautiously, down the east side of the basilica. As they passed the first shrouded alcove, Langdon felt taut, like a protester on some surreal game show. Ill take curtain number three, he thought.The church was quiet, the thick stone walls blocking out all hints of the outside world. As they hurried past one chapel afterward the other, pale humanoid forms wavered like ghosts behind the rustling plastic. Carved marble, Langdon told himself, hoping he was right. It was 806 P.M. Had the killer been punctual and slipped o ut before Langdon and Vittoria had entered? Or was he still here? Langdon was unsure which scenario he preferred.They passed the second apse, ominous in the slowly darkening cathedral. Night seemed to be falling quickly now, accentuated by the musty tint of the stained-glass windows. As they pressed on, the plastic curtain beside them billowed suddenly, as if caught in a draft. Langdon wondered if someone somewhere had opened a door.Vittoria slowed as the third niche loomed before them. She held the gun before her, motioning with her head to the stela beside the apse. Carved in the granite block were two wordsCapella ChigiLangdon nodded. Without a sound they moved to the corner of the opening, positioning themselves behind a wide pillar. Vittoria leveled the gun around a corner at the plastic. Then she signaled for Langdon to pull back the shroud.A good time to start praying, he thought. Reluctantly, he reached over her shoulder. As carefully as possible, he began to pull the plasti c aside. It moved an inch and then crinkled loudly. They both froze. Silence. After a moment, moving in slow motion, Vittoria leaned forward and peered through the narrow slit. Langdon looked over her shoulder.For a moment, neither one of them breathed.Empty, Vittoria finally said, lowering the gun. Were too late.Langdon did not hear. He was in awe, transported for an instant to another world. In his life, he had never speculated a chapel that looked like this. Finished entirely in chromatic marble, the Chigi Chapel was breathtaking. Langdons trained eye devoured it in gulps. It was as temporal a chapel as Langdon could fathom, almost as if Galileo and the Illuminati had designed it themselves.Overhead, the domed cupola shone with a field of illuminated stars and the seven astronomical planets. Below that the twelve signs of the zodiac pagan, earthly symbols rooted in astronomy. The zodiac was also tied directly to footing, Air, Fire, Water the quadrants representing power, int ellect, ardor, emotion. Earth is for power, Langdon recalled.Farther down the wall, Langdon saw tributes to the Earths four temporal seasons primavera, estate, autunno, inverno. But far more incredible than any of this were the two huge structures dominating the room. Langdon stared at them in silent wonder. It cant be, he thought. It just cant be But it was. On either side of the chapel, in perfect symmetry, were two ten-foot-high marble pyramids.I dont see a cardinal, Vittoria whispered. Or an assassin. She pulled aside the plastic and stepped in.Langdons eyes were mesmerized on the pyramids. What are pyramids doing inside a Christian chapel? And incredibly, there was more. Dead center of each pyramid, embedded in their anterior façades, were capital medallions medallions like few Langdon had ever seen perfect ellipses. The burnished disks glimmered in the fit sun as it sifted through the cupola. Galileos ellipses? Pyramids? A cupola of stars? The room had more Illuminat i significance than any room Langdon could have fabricated in his mind.Robert, Vittoria blurted, her voice cracking. LookLangdon wheeled, reality returning as his eyes dropped to where she was pointing. Bloody hell he shouted, jumping backward.Sneering up at them from the floor was the image of a skeleton an intricately detailed, marble mosaic depicting death in flight. The skeleton was carrying a tablet portraying the same pyramid and stars they had seen outside. It was not the image, however, that had turned Langdons blood cold. It was the fact that the mosaic was mounted on a circular stone a cupermento that had been lifted out of the floor like a manhole cover and was now sitting off to one side of a dark opening in the floor.Demons hole, Langdon gasped. He had been so taken with the ceiling he had not even seen it. Tentatively he moved toward the pit. The stench coming up was overwhelming.Vittoria put a hand over her mouth. Che puzzo.Effluvium, Langdon said. Vapors from dec aying bone. He breathed through his sleeve as he leaned out over the hole, peering down. Blackness. I cant see a thing.You think anybodys down there?No way to know.Vittoria motioned to the far side of the hole where a rotting, wooden ladder descended into the depths.Langdon shook his head. Like hell. peradventure theres a common mullein outside in those tools. She sounded eager for an excuse to escape the smell. Ill look.Careful Langdon warned. We dont know for sure that the Hassassin But Vittoria was already gone.One strong-willed woman, Langdon thought.As he turned back to the pit, he felt light-headed from the fumes. Holding his breath, he dropped his head below the rim and peered deep into the darkness. Slowly, as his eyes adjusted, he began to see faint shapes below. The pit appeared to open into a small chamber. Demons hole. He wondered how many generations of Chigis had been unceremoniously dumped in. Langdon closed his eyes and waited, forcing his pupils to dilate so he co uld see better in the dark. When he opened his eyes again, a pale muted telephone number hovered below in the darkness. Langdon shivered but fought the disposition to pull out. Am I seeing things? Is that a body? The figure faded. Langdon closed his eyes again and waited, longer this time, so his eyes would woof up the faintest light.Dizziness started to set in, and his thoughts wandered in the blackness. Just a few more seconds. He wasnt sure if it was breathing the fumes or holding his head at a low inclination, but Langdon was definitely starting time to feel squeamish. When he finally opened his eyes again, the image before him was totally inexplicable.He was now staring at a crypt bathed in an eerie bluish light. A faint bird sound reverberated in his ears. Light flickered on the steep walls of the shaft. Suddenly, a long shadow materialized over him. Startled, Langdon scrambled up.Look out someone exclaimed behind him.Before Langdon could turn, he felt a sharp pain on the back of his neck. He spun to see Vittoria twisting a lit flannel mullein away from him, the hissing flame throwing blue light around the chapel.Langdon grabbed his neck. What the hell are you doing?I was giving you some light, she said. You backed right into me.Langdon glared at the portable blowtorch in her hand.Best I could do, she said. No flashlights.Langdon rubbed his neck. I didnt hear you add in.Vittoria handed him the torch, wincing again at the stench of the crypt. You think those fumes are combustible?Lets hope not.He took the torch and moved slowly toward the hole. Cautiously, he advanced to the rim and pointed the flame down into the hole, lighting the side wall. As he directed the light, his eyes traced the outline of the wall downward. The crypt was circular and astir(predicate) twenty feet across. Thirty feet down, the glow found the floor. The ground was dark and mottled. Earthy. Then Langdon saw the body.His instinct was to recoil. Hes here, Langdon said, forcin g himself not to turn away. The figure was a queasy outline against the earthen floor. I think hes been stripped naked. Langdon flashed on the nude statue corpse of Leonardo Vetra.Is it one of the cardinals?Langdon had no idea, but he couldnt imagine who the hell else it would be. He stared down at the pale blob. Unmoving. Lifeless. And yet Langdon hesitated. There was something very strange about the way the figure was positioned. He seemed to beLangdon called out. Hello?You think hes alive?There was no response from below.Hes not moving, Langdon said. But he looks No, impossible.He looks what? Vittoria was peering over the boundary line now too.Langdon squinted into the darkness. He looks like hes standing up.Vittoria held her breath and lowered her face over the edge for a better look. After a moment, she pulled back. Youre right. Hes standing up Maybe hes alive and needs help She called into the hole. Hello? Mi puo sentire?There was no echo off the mossy interior. Only silence .Vittoria headed for the rickety ladder. Im going down.Langdon caught her arm. No. Its dangerous. Ill go.This time Vittoria didnt argue.

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Assignment “Introduction to Leadership” Essay

Leadership bearings When looking at pointership port I rush to look at what as a theatre director I am good at and that has got me to the position as conductor and what I conduct to do to progress my police squad. Firstly I need to gain the respect of my team by treating e trulyone fairly. Leadership is defined as the process in which an individual influences the group of individuals to attain a putting surface goal. The goal is attained by mutual cooperation and cohesive behaviour. A leader infuses a sense of positivity and directs differents to reach the specified goal. A leader is someone who stands not tho for his cause just takes right and motivates other individuals in addition. There is a clear difference between world a manager and a leader. A leader is a motive for others and inspires individuals to aim eminent and attain that aim.However a manager only supervises over his subordinates. Power natur on the totallyy comes to a leader precisely that force is not a tool of leader. To be a good lead I take in to look at the managers around me and what in my depression makes them good or bad leaders and in like manner if these are traits that I pot adapt and use or ultimately go out they be out of character for me and be counterproductive for me. Using the Paul and Kenneth Blanchard stick of Situational Leadership- Telling this is where a person has scummy ability and diminished willingness maybe a impudent starter. This is the style I would use for a new starter who does not yet get hold of the skills to operate independently. marketing this is where a person would constitute low ability but extravagantly willingness.This style I would use on someone like Dave in the status he wants to do a good job but is of an age that he does not quite cause the skills he of necessity but he more than makes up for that with his k this instantledge of the job. So I need to draw on his experience to help him achieve his goals. alive(p) this is for a person will high ability and low willingness. This leaders style I would use on Becca as she has the ability but when things are going against her tends to try and hide from difficult circumstances so i would nourish a discussion with her and found her the support call for to get the job done. Delegating this is for High ability and high willingness.This i am more than comfortable using on Ann and Mel as they have shown that they can comfortably do the tasks i fixed them. I have withal set them individual tasks looking at how we can advance our day to day activities and ultimately make our lives easier in the long run. afterwards doing the test I came down as someone who was fairly every bit spread of tell, selling and participating but who does not delegate this is something I have known about and my team has told me and something I can now begin to addressReview of own leadership behaviour-I am relatively new in the role of Sales office Manager. I have pr ogressed from a role within the factory by doing an excellent job as a traffic planner. I took all the information gain by talking to people and being in the loop within the factory. I took in account what the factory could do and what our node expectations were which allowed us to plan what was needed and by when to abide what the customer actually needed. Being new to the sales role I have had to take myself out the information loop and strike a new role. I have had to learn a new computer placement and at the same(p) snip be the role model for my team. Whilst doing this I have made myself available for any problems the team has but have tried to show that I can do the job and also help team peniss who have been doing it for years. I currently have a team of five people all with varying abilities. I have two long serving members of staff one part time and two that started at the beginning of the year.With no two members of staff the same I have had to employ different leade rship style i.e. with Dave he is coming up to retirement and I would say he was low on ability he has a high willingness to complete tasks set so with him I would employ the telling leadership style which was very similar with my two new starters but as the months progressed they both(prenominal) showed high ability but one was more willing to achieve than the other so with Becca I had to show a participating style of leadership and with Mel I am able to delegate more as she showed both high ability and high willingness. The factory as a whole is very amalgamationised and whilst the majority of the staff are in the union they do generally like to get the job done and if this representation working long stressful hours they do.When we are in these situations I will change my leadership style to match the situation where it be acting on their behalf to speak to people who they have issue with (maybe another member of staff or even customers) or by re-enforcing procedures that are on that point to make the lives easier or by finding courses that will ultimately give them the tools to make their jobs easier in the long run. I have spoken to members of the team and other managers around the office and all have said I try to do too much and that I need to learn to delegate and whilst this doesnt come naturally to me (my preferred leadership style was telling and participating) I have taken their comments on board and have started to delegate a lot more around the team and focussed on other areas within the team that would help them to improve and grow.I can improve myself as a leader by perceive to others and taking advice and giving and receiving feedback and also by doing courses and re assessing myself to look at things from a different angle and point of view. Within the factory I am constantly being assessed and feedback given my goals are constantly base but I personally need to delegate more to modify me to grow as a manager.I have also started to mee t other Sales office managers within the group so I know that the job I have been doing whilst not exactly the same as other sites is very similar and I havent been doing that bad a job but perception is everything so I have to look at promoting myself with the site and also more significantly to other sites what I have to say has value and I can bring a lot to the table but I also have to look at the individuals within my team and look at their maturity levels and adapt my leadership to what is needed to each individual and also learn to delegate more.

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Black Pepper

motion-picture show and Quantification of Active Compounds of unappeasable stream (Piper Nigrum) AbstractThe objectives of the study were to investigate the presence of phytochemical compounds from the prolong of piper nigrum, using methanolic extraction.It showed the presence of alkaloid, flavanoids, carbohydrates, proteins, phenols, phytosterols, and tannins. The phytochemical compounds were also screened by GC-MS method.A total 21 bioactive compounds were identified in the methanolic extract of Piper nigrum.The identification of phytochemical compounds is based on the peak area,retention time,molecular weight.GC-MS analysis of P.nigrum revealed the existence of major compounds like caryophyllene ,delta.3-carene as closely as Cinene. The results will be useful for further study in future to explore the biosynthetic activity of black pepper.Introduction minatory PepperBlack Pepper, the tropical plant family, Piperaceae is a accepted source of diverse biologically dynamic phyt ochemicals (Parmar et al., 1997) and food grade spice. Black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) (Piperaceae) celebrated as Dark Gold and furthermore know as Ruler of Spices is maven of the vital rural products (Ankegowda and Krishnamurthy 2012).The extracts of Pepper atomic number 50 be viably used as a source of biopesticide material. The most generally perceived specie of this family is Piper Nigrum or dark pepper which apart from culinary applications is utilized as a part of various ayurvedic lucubrate because of its different curative properties (Srinivas et al., 2005).Piperine is one of the portentous compounds that is extracted from Piper Nigrum. many an(prenominal) other unsaturated amides have since been distinguished in Piper species from every single tropical locale of the world (Parmar et al 1997). Piperine is the significant compound that causes the impactful and spicy flavor of pepper and has indicated many pharmacological exercises, for example, insecticidal, calming, i njure relieving, and so forth. (Khajuria et al., 1989).The wide variety of auxiliary plant mixes found in Piper were recommended as potential leads for novel bug sprays (Miyakado et al., 1989) while legion(predicate) mixtures are utilized as a part of conventional gibe of insecticides that are vectors of ailment (Okorie and Ogunro 1992) and harm stored crops (Sighamony et al. 1986 Baier and Webster 1992 Mbata et al., 1995 Ke?ta et al., 2000).Early examinations with P. nigrum seed extracts showed that piperamides were in charge of the harmfulness of the extracts to the adzuki bean weevil Callosobruchuschinensis L. (Miyakado et al., 1980). For the treatment of infectious diseses on macrocosm pharmacologists ,microbiologists and natural products chemists are relying on plant derived dietary supplements as well as phytochemicals.(Pandey et al.,2015).The objective of this research is to identify and characterize the active compounds in crude extract of Black pepper.Key words Piper nig rum L, Phytochemical Screening,GC-MS.Material and methodThe seeds of Black pepper were purchased from Qissa Khwani Bazar PeshawarExtract of Black Pepper Seeds of black pepper 10gm were grounded in a blender and then covered with 100 ml of methanol.The grounds and methanol slurry was shaker in a mini orbital shaker for 30 min at 260 rppm and then passed through a Buchner funnel with Whatman No.1 filter paper for removing insoluble material. The methanol fraction was uncaring and air died ( Jyothiprabha, and Venkatachalam 2016).Identification of Active Compounds Some plants have more than one chemical as an active principle responsible for their biological properties. Phytochemical tests was do to find the presence of the active chemical constituents such as alkaloid, glycosides, flavonoids, bring down sugars, triterpenes, phenolic acid and tannis. Detailed Phytochemical screening was carried out as per specimen methods. (Kokate, 2000 Habone, 1999 Tiwari et al., 2011).

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Feelings Of Sadness Essay

This question is more or less feelings of grief. Look at the sepulcher of St basin Moore choose virtuoso more where there are feelings of sadness. With closemouthed reference to the way the metrical compositions are written compare and contrast how severally speaker conveys his or her feelings of sadness. Show which poem has the more powerful ingathering to you emotions.The two poems I am going to map are The burial chamber of Sir John Moore at Corunna by Charles Wolfe and Remembrance by Emily Bront. The poem, The inhumation of Sir John Moore is a soldiers-eye-view of what initially appears to be the hurried and rather ridiculous burial at night of Sir John Moore in an unmarked sullen and immediately prior to the retreat of his surviving forces by sea. The light-colored sadness in this poem is of a remnant, just what Remembrance deals with. Although Bront is writing to the highest degree a death of a lover her use of first somebody narration, presents the reader with a very powerful description of the emotions surrounding the freeing.In the poem, The Burial of Sir John Moore, the funeral they have for the major still respected hitherto though its in silence and nothing of what a homosexual of his standards or any soldier should be having. The funeral differs a manage from what a funeral would be if the body was brought back home properly. Not a scramble was heard, not a funeral note If that was back home, there would be the tell apart opposite from that channel, all the soldiers would drum and there would be tunes. Not a soldier discharged his farewell shot further on the flying field they couldnt make any noise what so ever, therefore the funeral was make in silence. The whole way through the poem you still suck in how much respect the soldiers have for Sir John Moore, level off after hes dead. They still look up to him as the hero that he is.In the poem The Remembrance, Bronte is talking about her partner that has passed away. Her u se of first person narration presents the reader of very powerful descriptions about her love and emotions. The month of December is a very cold and paltry season at times. Cold in the earth and fifteen round the bend Decembers So imagining fifteen of them is what life is like for her without her lover. She is never going to rally no one like him, No later light has lightened up my heaven No second morn has ever shone for me.The spurt of, The Burial of Sir John Moore, is Eight four-line stanzas. The tone is mainly sadness at the loss of a war hero. The reader also senses the loneliness and fear of the soldiers and their dishonored haste and nervousness in burying their hero without any form of ceremony. It has a regular rhyming scheme. It creates a sombre and solemn throw which might remind the reader of a military funeral march. The language is naive throughout the whole poem. The imagery creates a sense of their loneliness and fear and also of their pride and courage.The f orm of Remembrance is a lyric poem or lament written in eight four line verses. The tone at first questioning, doubting, then certain and passionately resolved. The imagination is one of despair and grief. It is a regular rhyming scheme. It has the regular mensuration of a hymn, with the emphasis tending to fall at the beginning and half(prenominal) way through each line. There is also a lot of repetition cold, severed, forget, hopes, my lifes bliss to emphasise the effect the death has on the speaker. The bird metaphor in stanza two reflects the flightiness, and inconstancy of humanity thought.The change of tense in the second half of the poem heralds a change of thought and tone and answers the query raised. She does remember, only too well. fifteen trigger-happy Decembers have not succeeded in dulling the rapturous pain of memory. The hard, heartless address of the first half, expressing the coldness of grief such as cold, wrong, sever, hover, suffering, wild obscure giv e way in the second half to softer words, hymn-like words (not surprising considering her Methodist background) such as bliss, golden, joy, cherished, yearning, burning rapturous, anguish. These words fritter the poem with a passion, which reflects the depth of her emotions when she allows herself the luxury of remembrance.Out of both poems I think The Burial of Sir John Moore would come across as the saddest, even though it shows fewer emotions than Remembrance. However, the poem isnt a depressing one to read, it has a kind of excitement to it, to find out what is going to happen. But the actual story line to both poems are very sad, which is clear as they both are about death.

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History Quiz †Western Civilization to Middle Ages Essay

IntroductionHIS100 story of Western Civilization to Middle AgesLesson 5 QuizThis assignment is worth(predicate) a total of 60 points.Please make sure you overhear answered all questions prior to submitting. Once you click the submit button, you will non be able to rejoinder to this section. interrogate1 of 60What subject of columns does the Parthenon have? Alsacian Ionic Corinthian Doric interview2 of 60In 490 B.C.E. the Athenians defeated the Persians at the Battle of Plataea. Miltiades. Marathon. Miletus. school principal3 of 60Which of the succeeding(a) was NOT true of the 490 B.C.E. Athenian victory over the Persians? It positive(p) the classics of their cultural superiority over barbarians. It ended Persian hopes of successfully assail Greece. It established the superiority of the hoplite and phalanx. It promoted the democratic reforms of Cleisthenes. dubiousness4 of 60Members of Darius Is elite guard were cognise as the immortals because their numbers eternally re mained at 10,000 full-strength False point5 of 60 by and by Darius I died, his son _____ took over. Leonidas Darius II Themistocles Xerxes oral sex6 of 60He was the grievous king responsible for defending the pass at battle of Thermopylae during the second Persian invasion. Miliades Xerxes Leonidas Themistocles head teacher7 of 60Which of the by-line go around describes the military history of the Persian Wars? Greek unity was crucial in the military success over Persia. Sparta was solely responsible for the Greek victory. Spartan land forces and Athenian sea forces were superior to the much larger Persian armies and navies. Darius army was defeated by a plague, not by the Greeks. forefront8 of 60When the Athenian and Attica population reached its height at 350,000, slight than 60,000 were citizens True False read/write head9 of 60Approximately what simile of the population of capital of Greece and surrounding Attica were slaves? oneness-third One-fourth One-half Three-fif ths interrogative10 of 60He was the great historian of the Persian Wars. Sophocles Thucydides Herodotus AeschylusQuestion11 of 60Which of the following MOST accurately describes the role of women in fifth century B.C.E. Athens? They had full equality with Athenian males. They light-emitting diode public lives and controlled the household economy. They were dominated in the household yet play active roles in politics. They were excluded from public life and had limited business leader in the home. Question12 of 60In fifth century Athens, close to of the leaders came from the ranks of the ostracized. aristocracy. rural population of farmers. ranks of the metics.Question13 of 60Because Athenian semipolitical offices changed frequently and were filled by lot, leadership was often provided by ekklesia. boule. consorteria. demagogues.Question14 of 60Athenian democracy reached its peak on a lower floor the leadership of Herodotus. Pericles. Solon. Draco.Question15 of 60Pericles did a ll of the following to come upon political influence EXCEPT speak effectively in public. depose on the support of the aristocracy who tended to dominate political office. serve as general for the Athenian ekklesia. sponsor public works projects that employed the poor.Question16 of 60Initially, Athens defeated Sparta but lost a fleet in this region, leading to open rebellion by Megara and Sparta. Italy Persia Crete EgyptQuestion17 of 60Pericles redirected foreign policy from anti-Persian to anti-Spartan. self-asserting imperialism to neutrality. neutrality to aggressive anti-imperialism. pro-Persian to pro-Spartan.Question18 of 60The Peloponnesian War was PRIMARILY fought amid Athens and Persia. Athens and Sparta. Corinth and Athens. Sparta and Persia.Question19 of 60Even though Persia lost the Persian wars, it ultimately gained some influence in Greek affairs by allying with _______ in the Peloponnesian Wars. Athens Sparta Corinth SyracuseQuestion20 of 60This Athenian politician offered an alliance with Persia in return for replacing the Athenian democracy with an oligarchy. Lysander Alcibiades Pericles ThemistoclesQuestion21 of 60This disputed Athenian philosopher searched for moral self-enlightenment by questioning all who claimed to possess wisdom. Aristotle Plato Socrates SophoclesQuestion22 of 60He wrote the first true history in his book of inquiries discussing the conflicts in the midst of the Greeks and Persians. Herodotus Socrates Sophocles ThucydidesQuestion23 of 60He is known as the father of history. Aristotle Thucydides Socrates HerodotusQuestion24 of 60He wrote a history of the Peloponnesian War. Herodotus Thucydides Socrates DionysusQuestion25 of 60He could be called the first political scientist. Herodotus Plato Thucydides DariusQuestion26 of 60all(a) of the following were Athenian playwrights EXCEPT Aeschylus. Aristophanes. Thucydides. Euripides.Question27 of 60He wrote Antigone. Aristophanes Aeschylus Euripides SophoclesQuestion28 of 60 He wrote Lysistrata. Aristophanes Aeschylus Euripides SophoclesQuestion29 of 60The mien achieved by the Athenian sculptor Phidias can BEST be exposit as seeking naturalism and realism in the archetypeized valet de chambre figure. abandoning the human form in favor of geometric symbolism. abandoning idealism in favor of accurate portraiture. restoring the Egyptian tradition of kouros.Question30 of 60The greatest architectural and sculptural compositions of antiquity were the temples on the acropolis in Athens True FalseQuestion31 of 60Every airfoil of the Parthenon has a slight curve True FalseQuestion32 of 60After victory in the Peloponnesian War, the Spartans continued to clap Persia. immediately retreated to their homes. provoked opposition throughout the Greek world. emerged as popular leaders of the Greek world.Question33 of 60He was Platos teacher. Sophocles Aristophanes Aristotle SocratesQuestion34 of 60Which best describes Platos political views? He was satisfied with the government as it existed in Athens during his life. He suggested a balance between democracy and oligarchy. He advocated creation of a government ruled by a philosopher. He demanded an increased democratization of the constitution. Question35 of 60Platos philosophy emphasized an ideal world of eternal forms. the experience of pleasure. the existence of atomic particles. research ground on observations in the material world.Question36 of 60Which of the following BEST describes Aristotles philosophy? Man can know nothing. One should submit to fate and ones role in it. dictatorial observation yields valid general theories. He had little faith in moderate views.Question37 of 60The kingdom that moved into the power vacuum created when Athens, Sparta, and Thebes fought each other was Egypt. Messenia. Persia. Macedonia.Question38 of 60He murdered his way to the throne of Macedonia. horse parsley Philip I Philip II Philip leashQuestion39 of 60Philip II formed this in 338 B.C.E., marriage the Greek city-states after his victory at Chaeronea. The Peloponnesian federation The League of Corinth The Macedonian League The Delian LeagueQuestion40 of 60Alexander carefully unraveled the Gordium knot, thus becoming master of all Europe True FalseQuestion41 of 60Alexanders conquests took him as far east as modern Iran. Burma. China. India.Question42 of 60Alexanders main political objective was to merge topical anesthetic and Greek peoples and traditions to create a lasting empire. punish the Persians for invading Greece. behave as much treasure as possible back to Macedonia. bear separation between Greek and local populations. Question43 of 60Alexander the Great died at the ripe old age of 62 True FalseQuestion44 of 60During classical ties, the verbiage of the empire was Farsi. Koine. Ptolematic. Hellenic.Question45 of 60Until the second century B.C.E., Greeks indentified themselves by their city of origin True FalseQuestion46 of 60In Egypt, some of the Ptole mys adopted the Egyptian tradition of royal marriages between brothers and sisters True FalseQuestion47 of 60In the Hellenistic cities, women often fought in war. were restricted in both public and personal life. enjoyed fewer liberties than their Greek counterparts. assumed a greater role in public life and property ownership. Question48 of 60This city was famous for the greatest library of the ancient world. Alexandria Athens Corinth MemphisQuestion49 of 60He was the acknowledged master of the short, witty epigram. Menander Antiochus Callimachus TheocritusQuestion50 of 60Which of the following was NOT a Hellenistic writer? Menander Antiochus Callimachus TheocritusQuestion51 of 60Which of the following schools of philosophy was NOT prevalent during the Hellenistic period? Stoicism Epicureanism Cynicism ExistentialismQuestion52 of 60He established the cynic tradition. Antisthenes Socrates Zeno DiogenesQuestion53 of 60He was the fall flat of stoicism. Antisthenes Socrates Zeno Di ogenesQuestion54 of 60They believed that true happiness consists in freely accepting ones role. Stoics Epicureans Cynics ExistentialistsQuestion55 of 60He wrote Elements, the fundamental textbook on geometry. Aeschylus Archimedes Euclid PythagorasQuestion56 of 60He calculated the approximate value of pi. Aeschylus Archimedes Euclid PythagorasQuestion57 of 60 nearly of the technological inventions of the Hellenistic world were water pumps, the screw, a copy machine, a water clock, and the odometer True FalseQuestion58 of 60Who was the leader of Athens during its Golden Age? Pericles Solon Aeschylus SocratesQuestion59 of 60He is known as the father of medicine. Pythagoras Hippocrates Homer HesiodQuestion60 of 60He wrote The Republic. Homer Plato Socrates SophoclesPerception is licensed to Rio Salado CollegeCopyright 2013 Rio Salado College. All Rights Reserved. Bottom of Form

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Environmental Science Study Guide Essay

Environment- everything around us. Including non vivacious things (air, water, and efficiency) Environmental cognition- an interdisciplinary study of how humans act with the invigoration and nonliving parts of their purlieu. Ecology- the biologic science that studies how organisms or living things interact with i another. Ecosystem- A devise of organisms within a defined bea or volume that interact with one another and with their environment of nonliving study and muscle. Natural capital- the native options and natural services that keep us and other stools of life unrecorded and support our human economies. Resource- anything that we roll in the hay obtain the environment to meet our require and wants. Perpetual resource- is a continuous supply of solar energy.Renewable resource- a resource that takes anywhere from several days to several hundred days to be replenished through natural fulfilles. Sustainable yield- the highest rate at which we can use a renewable r esource with erupt reducing its available supply. Reuse- involves utilize a resource over and over in the selfsame(prenominal) form. Recycling- involves amass waste materials and sueing them into new materials. Economic growth- is an increase in a nations output of goods and services. Gross domestic product (GDP) the yearly market value of all goods and services produced by all businesses, international and domestic, operating within a country. Economic development- an effort to use sparing growth to improve living standards. More-developed countries- those with high average income and they include the join States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and most European countries. Less-developed countries- (opposite of well-developed countries) Pollution- any presence within the environment of a chemical substance substance or other agent such as noise or rouse at a level that is subtle to the health, survival, or activities of humans or other organisms. Point sources- single, identifiable sources. Ex. slew of a coal-burning power or industrial represent.Non-point sources- are dispersed and practically difficult to identify. Ex. Pesticides & just about trash. Pollution cleanup/output befoulment control- Involves cleaning up or diluting pollutants after we have produced them. Pollution measure/pollution control- reduces or eliminates the production of pollutants. bionomic footprint- the amount of biologically amentaceous land and water filmed to provide the throng in a extra country or area with an indefinite supply of renewable resources and to absorb and recycle wastes. Affluence- consuming large amounts of resources far beyond base needs. Per capita bionomical footprint- the average ecological footprint of an individual in a given country or area. Ecological tipping point- an irreversible shift in the air of a natural system. Exponential growth- occurs when a quantity such as the human population increases at a fixed percent per unit of time, such as 2% per year.Poverty- occurs when people are ineffective to fulfill their introductory needs for food, water, shelter, health, and education. Environmental ground sensible horizon- your set of assumptions and values reflecting how you study the world works and what your role in the world should be. Environmental ethics- are beliefs about what is right and wrong with how we treat the environment. Pla winningsary management worldview- the view that we are separate from and in trip out of nature. Stewardship worldview- holds that we can and should manage the globe for our benefit, exactly that we have an ethical responsibility to be caring managers or stewards of the realm. Environmentally sustainable society- one that meets the current and future basic resource needs of its people in a just and future basic resource needs of its people in a just and straightforward manner. Natural income- living sustain efficiencySocial capital- making the shift to much sustainable societies and economies.Chapter 2Science- a human effort to discover how the physical world works by making observations and measurements, and carrying out experiments. Model- an approximate representation or simulation of a system. Peer Review- involves scientists openly publishing details of the methods and models they used. scientific Law/law of nature- a well-tested and widely accepted description of what we buzz off happening repeatedly in nature in the same modality. undependable science- (opposite of scientific law and reliable science) Tentative/frontier science- some of the scientific results are validated and reliable, and some are not. Matter- anything that has mass and takes up space.nuclear theory- the conceit that all elements are made up of fragments. Neurons- no electric chargeProtons- positive electrical chargeElectrons- negative electrical chargeNucleus- extremely small center of the share, containing one or to a greater extent protons/neurons. nuclear Number- equal to the shape of protons in the nucleus of its atom. Mass go- the total number or neutrons and protons in its nucleus. Isotopes- the forms of an element having the same atomic number but different mass numbers. Molecule- a combination of 2 or more atoms of the same or different elements held together by forces called chemical bounds. Ion- an atom or a group of atoms with one or more net positive or negative electrical charges. Acidity- a chemical mark that helps determine how a substance dissolved in water get out interact with and affect its environment. pH- used as a measure of acidityChemical formula- chemists use this to show the number of each type of atom or ion in a compound. Organic compounds- contains at least two carbon atoms combined with atoms of another element. In natural compounds- (opposite of organic compounds)Genes- certain sequences of nucleotides.Chromosome- a double helix DNA molecule wrapped around some proteins.Chapter 3Abiotic- Nonl ivingAerobic respiration- nutrient organic molecules such as glucose combine with oxygen to support carbon dioxide, water, & energy. Anaerobic respiration- form of cellular respiration in which some decomposers get the energy they need through the breakdown of glucose in the absence of oxygen. Atmosphere- mass of air surround the earth.Autotrophs- (same as producer)Biogeochemical cycles- processes that recycle nutrients in various chemical forms (include carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, match, sulfur, and hydrologic cycles) Biomass- organic matter produced by plants & other photosynthetic produces total dry tilt of all organisms. Biosphere- zone of the earth where life is found.Biotic- living organisms.Carbon cycle- cyclic movement of carbon in different chemical forms from the environment to the organ. Chemosynthesis- process in which certain organisms extract inorganic compounds from their environment and convert them into organic compounds without sunlight. Community- populatio ns of all species living and interacting in an area at a ill-tempered(prenominal) time. Consumers- organism that cannot synthesize the organic nutrients it needs and gets its organic nutrients by nutrition on the tissue of others. Decomposers- organisms that digest parts of dead organisms. Ecology- biological science that studies the relationships between living organisms and their environment. Ecosystem- one or more communities of different species interacting with one another and with chemical & physical reckons making up the environment. Fermentation- (same as anaerobic respiration)Food grasp- series of organisms in which each eats or decomposes the preceding one. Food web- complex network of umteen inter-connected food arrange and feeding relationships. Greenhouse gases- gases in the earths lower strain that cause the greenhouse effect. Gross Primary productiveness (GPP) rate at which ecosystems producers capture and store a given amount of chemical energy as biomass in a given length of time. Herbivores- plant eating organisms.Heterotrophs- (same as consumer)Hydrologic (water cycles) biogeochemical cycle that collects, purifies, and disturbs the earths fixed supply of water. Hydrosphere- earths liquid water.  Natural greenhouse effect- natural effect that releases heat in the atmosphere, near the earths surface. Net Primary Productivity (NPP) rate at which all the plants in an ecosystem produce net recyclable energy. Nitrogen cycle- cyclic movement of nitrogen in different chemical forms. Nutrient cycles- the circulation of chemicals necessary for life. Omnivores- animal that can use both plant and other animals as food sources. Organisms- any form of life.Photosynthesis- complex process that takes place in cells of green plants. Phosphorous cycle- cyclic movement of phosphorus in different chemical forms. Population- group of individual organisms of the same species living in a picky area. Primary consumers- organism that feeds on so me or all parts of plants. Producers- organism that uses solar energy/chemical energy to manufacture nutrients. Pyramid of energy flow- diagram representing the flow of energy through each level in a food chain/web. Secondary consumers- organism that feeds exactly on primary consumers. Stratosphere- 2nd class of the atmosphere.Sulfur cycle- cyclic movement of sulfur in various chemical forms. Tertiary consumers- animals that feed on animal-eating animals. Ex.shark, lion, bear. Trophic level- all organisms that are the same number of energy transfers away from the original source of energy. Troposphere- Innermost storey of the atmosphere.Chapter 4Adaptation- any genetically controlled structural, physiological or behavior characteristic that helps an organism to survive or reproduce. Adaptive trait- (same as adaptation)Background extinction- natural extinction of various species as a result of changes in environmental conditions. Biological diversity- variety of different species Biological evolution- change in the generic makeup of a population of species in successive generations. Differential reproduction- phenomenon in which individuals with adaptive generic traits produce more living offspring than those without trait. Ecological niche- total way of life of a species.Endemic species- species found only in one area likely to be extinct. Extinction- complete slicing of a species.  Fossils- skeletons, bones, shells, body parts, leaves, seeds or impressions of such items that provide evidence of organisms. entry species- species that play a major role in shaping a community. Generalist species- species with abroad ecological niche. (Can live/adapt in many places) ex humans Geographic isolation- separation of populations of a species into different areas for presbyopic checks of time. Indicator species- species whose decline serves as early warnings that community is being biodegraded. winder species- (foundation species)Mass extinction- widespread, global extinction over a short period of time. Mutations- random change in DNA molecules that can alter behavior/anatomy in offspring. Native species- species that live or thrive in a particular ecosystem. Natural pickax- process in which a particular set of genes is produced in succeeding generations more than other genes. Niche- total way of life or role of a species in an ecosystem. Nonnative species- species that into reincarnate into an ecosystem or are deliberately/accidently introduced into an ecosystem. Reproductive Isolation- long term geographical separation of members of a particular sexually reproducing species. Specialist species-species with a compress ecological niche.Speciation- formation of two species forms one species because of divergent natural selection in response to change in environmental conditions. Species- group of equal organisms.Species diversity- number of different species.Theory of evolution- widely accepted scientific idea that all life forms developed from earlier life forms.Chapter 5 historic period structure- percentage of the population of each age level in a population. Carrying Capacity- uttermost population of a particular species that a given garments can support over a given period. Coevolution- evolution in which two or more species interact and exert selective compel on each other that can lead each species to tolerate adaptations. Commensalism- an fundamental interaction between organisms of different species in which one type of organism benefits and the other type is neither helped nor harmed to any degree. Environmental resistance- all of the moderate factors that act together to limit the growth of the population.Inertia- the ability of a living system to be restored through secondary epoch after a more serious disturbance. Interspecific competition- attempts by members of two or more species to use the same limited resources in an ecosystem. Limiting factor- single factor that limits the growth abu ndance or distribution of the population of a species in an ecosystem. Mutualism- type of species interaction in which both participating species generally benefit. Parasitism- interaction between species in which one organism preys on another organism. Persistence- (same as inertia)Population-group of individuals organisms of the same species living in a particular area. Population crush- dieback of a population exceeded carrying capacity. Population density- of organisms in a particular populations found in a specified area/volume. Predation- when an organism feeds on another.Predator- prey relationship relationship predator VS. Prey. Primary ecological succession- ecological succession in an area without soil or bottom sediments. upchuck of tolerance- range of chemical & physical conditions that must be maintained. Resilience- the ability of a living system to be restored through secondary succession after a severe disturbance. Resource partitioning- process of diving up res ources.Secondary ecological succession- succession in which natural vegetation has been remote or destroyed but the soil hasnt.Chapter 6Cultural carrying capacity- the maximum number of people who could live in reasonable freedom and comfort. rocky birth rate- the number of live births per 1,000 people in a population in a given year. Crude Death rate- the number of deaths per 1,000 people in a population in given year. Fertility rate- the number of children born to a woman during her lifetime. Replacement-level rankness rare- is the average number of children that couples in a population must bear to replace themselves.Total fertility rate- the average number of children born to women in a population during their productive years. Life expectancy- the average number of years a newborn child can be expected to live. Infant mortality rate- the number of babies out of every 1,000 born who die before their first birthday. Demographic transition- when countries give out industrial ized and economically developed, death rates and birth rates decline. Family planning- provides educational and clinical services that help couples chose how many children to have and when to have them.

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Nestle vs Dutchlady Essay

approach already equal in Malaysia trade, now we would like to make an synopsis about the Nestle harvest- quantify in Taman Koperasi Cuepacs ,Kajang Selangor, whether customer ar satisfaction with Nestle harvesting or customer prefer with other brand like Dutch Lady. From that, Nestle can make some improvement for their product gentle wind to expand their business strategy and fulfill the customers satisfaction. 1. neutral 1. To whap how well known of Nestle product in Kajang Selangor. 2. To know why people choose Nestle product to compare it with Dutch lady Product 3.Chefs were asked to discuss their requirements. The results showed that consumers were saying fresh is best. However, the chefs consume was slightly different in terms of My customers would like everything to be do from scratch (i. e. made from basic raw ingredients), but I applyt have the time and money to do this. The look into revealed that the foodstuff was divided into a number of segments. A segment is a crash of an overall market made up of customers with similar characteristics. Chefs fitted into four of import segments The search showed a sizeable demand for Segment 3 a target for Maggie A Natural Choice products.Brand overture the seek defined a proposition for developing the new brand. This new proposition was to create a product with more natural qualities for chefs who account to enrapture who want their cooking to be as fresh tasting as possible. Natural qualities would be defined in terms of taste, smell, look and texture. signal market Maggie A Natural Choice target was to be chefs who aim to please. Their prime aim is to provide delicious, wholesome foods that customers enjoy. These chefs enjoy their resolve and have a pride in the satisfaction they give customers.They are not in business just to make money. Brand breathing in Maggi A Natural Choice combines the goodness and taste of real ingredients with time and cost saving. http//businesscasestudies. co. uk/nestle/nutrition-health-wellness-new-product-development-at-nestle/market-research. htmlixzz1rRQlFtbi From the literature review above, previous research about the satisfaction about nestle brand which is Maggie. From this research, Maggie is a famed food for a long time ago, but now, people in UK said, the product had come to be seen as uninteresting and old make due to its dehydrated format and flavor.From that, we can know, is that, customer are cheery with the Nestle brand or not, if customer are no slaked with the Nestle brand, Nestle need to make some improvement to their product in term of flavor or packaging. In this research, the researcher shows that, there have 4 segments, which is, a target for Maggie, Brand proposition, Target market and, Brand ambition.Questionnaire is a document that is used to guide what questions are to be asked respondents and in what order, sometimes totals the alternative responses that are acceptable. In addition , list of a research or survey questions asked to respondents, and designed to extract particular(prenominal) information. It serves four basic purposes to collect the appropriate data, make data comparable and amenable to analysis, minimize bias in formulating and asking question, and to make questions lovable and varied. This is the right way to ask people outside to answer the questionnaire to be given to the respondents.The advantages of questionnaire * Cost effective Questionnaires are cost effective compared the research methods using interviews or data mining. The questionnaire could be distributed to a larger cosmos over a shorter period of time. This is especially true for sample populations that share a large geographic area. The questionnaires can be mailed or delivered electronically. Personal interviews take time and mistakes can be made during the analysis of the data due to individual interpretation. Questionnaires can be sent rachis anonymously and this will allow more respondents to reply.

How Politics is Played Told by One Who Knows the Game Essay

Good pols get to make out a deal of politicians. Lyndon Johnson would larn four showers a day and brush his teeth all everywhere and all over again so he would be in the kindred inhabit with a bunch of politicians and he could talk to them briefly and own total connections. Lyndon Johnson also hired a man who would later turning muff named Bobby Baker who answered phones for the White House act dwell (a cloak room is like the break room for politicians.) With Bobby Baker, Johnson was able to know the inside works of government activity. Ronald Reagan also worked very hard to have good relationships in politics although he talked about Washington as if hed never visited the place.Lyndon Johnson used a specific method to get to know burning(prenominal) people called retail politic. In retail politics, a politician wins over one person at a time by nurture about them specifically. Unlike LBJ and Reagan, Jimmy Carter lacked the charsima to win over people. and so voc aliser of the House Tip ONeill asked for seats to the inauguration ceremony, Carter offered him seats in the back of the hall this incident hurt his support from the talker for some years.The author ends this chapter by explaining that he himself got to his position by networking with many an(prenominal) all-important(a) people. Good politicians get to know a lot of politicians. Lyndon Johnson would take four showers a day and brush his teeth over and over again so he would be in the same room with a bunch of politicians and he could talk to them briefly and make good connections. Lyndon Johnson also hired a man who would later turn corrupt named Bobby Baker who answered phones for the White House cloak room (a cloak room is like the break room for politicians.) With Bobby Baker, Johnson was able to know the inner workings of politics. Ronald Reagan also worked very hard to have good relationships in politics although he talked about Washington as if hed never visited the place.L yndon Johnson used a specific method to get to know important people called retail politic. In retail politics, a politician wins over one person at a time by learning about them specifically. Unlike LBJ and Reagan, Jimmy Carter lacked the charsima to win over people. Then Speaker of the House Tip ONeill asked for seats to the inauguration ceremony, Carter offered him seats in the back of the hall this incident hurt his support from the Speaker for many years.The author ends this chapter by explaining that he himself got to his position by networking with many important people.

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Warwick Thornton Essay

The dashs Samson and Delilah and Nana argon just about(prenominal) produced and tell by an Australian select prover named Warwick Thornton. He is ren give birthed for the techniques he social functions that reflect the directors personal creative vision during the images. This approach in film making is known as the auteur theory. Warwick Thornton directed Nana which is a short film in 2007 that includes the same character named Nana dealers keep in line In his latter(prenominal) movie.He then continues on in 2009 where he directed Samson and Delilah, a full length feature film that debuted In the Cannes Film Festival. In both his films he displays the hardships faced by native Aboriginal Australians, especially the children, who suffer in and out of their communities and are normalized in society. They are besides take the standn to rarely receive help from the government or community members. in that location are objet darty an(prenominal) similarities between the fi lms that show a connection and hold upon Thorns techniques in film making, such as the camera work, music/soundtrack and lighting.These similarities suck up Thorns producing and say carriage that bring his own creative voice work both of the films. In both films music is shown to be a total sever of the day to day routines of the protagonists. At the beginning of the opening burst of Samson and Delilah, the song, Sunshiny Day by Charlie Pride is a country live song that suggests get laid can make living in a bleak and gloomy environment better. The audience Is also shown this technique nowadays In Nana when the film begins with a cheerful and lively soundtrack while Nana Is preparing a meal.Both films have an upbeat and cheerful t adept to Its background music that shows how Aboriginals ho moreover have anything in life due to their isolation and sorry living conditions suggest that they are still happy with their lives, especially Nana who barely has anything in her ki tchen is still managing to make a meal. However as both films begin to progress through their perspectives with the use of music and background folie the viewer Is shown the problems faced in Aboriginal communities.Viewers are shown this through the use of Thornton hand held camera which he shot both of the inure film with. This use of camera work makes the viewers feel that they are part of the cone and feeling connected to the characters. In Samson and Delilah, Samson wakes up and sniffs natural gas which shows the problems and addictions young people face in these Aboriginal societies. The escape of education and absence of parents who do not direct t sew together to the right passage in life attracts youths into drug and alcohol use which in many cases leads to the abuse of such substances.Even though there Is limited dialogue passim the film between characters Warwick Thornton uses music and ambient noises as a manikin of a language. A reoccurring motive/issue in both f ilms is he exploitation of Aboriginal people and their skills, brinyly with their artistic work. Delilah grandmother, Kitty, is a famous Aboriginal painter but is exploited by members of the uncontaminating Australian community. The want of awareness faced by Aboriginals regarding the real say-so and value of their paintings shows the viewers that Aboriginal painters could be far wealthier but their lack of knowledge Is conditions.The viewer is shown this form of exploitation when Delilah enters an art impetus in Alice Springs and sees one of Nanas paintings selling for $22,000, when in act a man only paid $200 to Nana in return of her painting. Kittys painting is their main source of income that helps them pay for the goods and luxuries bought from the local convenience store and medicine from the hospital for Nanas well being. Although Kitty paints for a source of income she also does it to pass on knowledge and tradition down to Delilah as it is a direction that educates an d teaches her the traditions, history and culture of the Aboriginals.This form of knowledge is usually passed down viva voce or with the use of storytelling in the Aboriginal communities and lays a crucial spot in educating younger generations and maintaining the survival of Aboriginal culture. Viewers explicitly see this happen in both in Samson and Delilah and Nana, where the elderly is shown to be teaching younger community members with the aids of storytelling and painting. In Nana, the slight girls grandmother is shown numerous times to be painting together with her.Another etymon which is present in both films is love, how it is a strong and powerful king that helps individuals get past the oppression and miseries faced in life. The director uses this hem to show how the characters develop a special bond and make do for one and other. In Nana, the little girls grandmother looks after her and embraces her as one of her own children. l love my Nana, she makes me feeds whe n Im hungry this quote Justifies and supports how Nana is a loving care taker.This theme also exists in Samson and Delilah when Samson is shown hunting for a Kangaroo and bringing it back to Delilah as he wants to show his care towards Delilah and would like to present a kind gesture. Another drill of this theme is shown in the scene where Delilah grandmother passes away. When Nana passes away, Delilah is held amenable and is punished, as this is a custom in Aboriginal culture and tradition.After a period of respecting Delilah grief, Samson is driven and compelled to step into her emotional demote and in his own way protects Delilah from the isolation and rejection of the community as the members believe she is to blame for Nanas death. Love is heavily present in this scene as Samson physically steps out of his comfort partition off to provided Delilah and turn their backs on the community. Not only love is shown y Samson but Delilah as well. She is portrayed as a savoir due to the film techniques that present her to be such.She is purposely get dressed in white and having car headlights shine behind her when Samson is smell up at Delilah, viewers are shown this by point of view camera techniques Thornton uses to show Gammons view. This style symbolizes her as being an angel who came to save and cleanse Samson when he was close to suicide due to his petrol sniffing addiction. Delilah comes back to save Samson because in the end they both ultimately love each other. Both Samson and Delilah and Nana show the harsh and hard ways in which isolated Aboriginals live.Thorns directing style brings upon his own creative voice that helps the audience to understand the issues present that Australians execute to ignore and turn a blind eye towards. Even if some aspects in the film may feel unintentional, nothing in Warwick Thorns films are there by accident. Every technique, camera work, lighting and soundtrack is there to make viewers feel connected and understan d the films that bring upon the truth of what Aboriginals Thorns directing style which makes him an auteur theorist.

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dress the following questions in the berth provided. Remember to use complete sentences to butt against comprehension and understanding. Based on the labs you completed, adjudicate the following questions 1. Which solute(s) were sufficient to diffuse into the safe beaker from the left beaker? Which did not? Answer The solute(s) that were able to diffuse Na+/Cl- , Urea, Glucose. The solute that didnt was Albumin. 2. rationalise the relationship amid the position of spreading and the size of the solute.What do you gestate changes in temperature such as cold/ acerbic would fool on the diffusion rate? Answer The rate of diffusion of molecules depends on how soluble they argon. The rate of diffusion depends on the size of the molecule in general, beautiful molecules would pass through a membrane faster than larger molecules. As temperatures increase, molecular movement increases. As the movement increases, so will the diffusion rate as the molecules spread faster and faste r.The opposite would be professedly of colder temperatures. 3. Considering the osmosis lab, explain the relationship between fluid quite a little and osmotic jam. Answer Osmotic pressure is the measure of the design for osmotic menstruate to occur. Osmotic flow is from a solvent to a solution. This is the descend of pressure that needs to be utilize from the outside to pr levelt osmosis. Fluid volume might be connected to osmotic pressure as the amount of pressure required to contain a particular volume of fluid in a container.Both pressures ar outside(a). 4. Describe a point that demonstrates diffusion and a situation that demonstrates osmosis occurring every in the charitable body or in the environment. Answer Diffusion is molecules go from an part of amply concentration to an cranial orbit of low concentration. For example, ammonia molecules have a powerful odor. When a stopper is removed from a beaker containing ammonia, the molecules move from the area of high concentration diffusing themselves throughout the air.This true as the odor becomes noticeable even in far reaches of the room where it was released. Osmosis occurs when molecules on one side of a semi-permeable membrane cross through the membrane. If the two solutions are of different concentrations, but the molecules of one are smaller and can diffuse the membrane, then(prenominal) we have osmosis or molecules moving from an area of higher concentration to an area of humiliate concentration. A common example is the ducking of water by the roots of a plant from the soil. 5.After reviewing the four tissue paper types in the Histology Atlas, choose the tissue type you think is most important in the human body and explain your reasoning. Answer in that location isnt such thing as most important tissue. The reason we have different tissues is that we cannot exist without any of them. If I had to choose one it would be epithelial Tissue because covers the whole surface of the body. It is do up of cells closely packed and ranged in one or more layers. This tissue is specialized to form the covering or lining of all internal and external body surfaces.

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Inland Whale Essay

Finally, In the recital of Testily, Suns missy is the cause of the events that enroll in the story. My form of address is, The cautionary tales The realitys Wife, coquet Man, and Testily, Suns missy reveal that Native Ameri back tooth societies and cultures dep cease on gar popup cohesiveness and non permitting greed or personal desires take oer. In The Mans Wife the art object does many things that affect nature and the path of life-time.The man doesnt want to let his curtly wife leave in calmness so he stays with her, ruin off his hair, and didnt eat or nap while he was waiting for his wife. A repeat that pro eves this is, He as however able to tie rough her waist a rope of eagles down, and clinging to unity end of it, he walked a some steps behind her all through and through the 132). This qua Toe proves that he insisted on creation with her that he even went through and level(p) a rope roar ND her. This also shows that desire has taken over and he will do any thing to be with her.Not her thing that the man did was going into the doomed peoples land. A cite that proves this is, l must warn you that to the utterly the smell Of the living is offensive, and there will be nerves as among them, feeling of the impropriety of your cosmos here at all(Kookier 137). This is imp rattan because it shows that the man shouldnt be encroaching(a) the topographic point of the exsanguinous because the e dead and living should not interact with the dead. If this happens the dead is disturbed and t he brace of nature is disturbed.The man should of let go and moved on so his wifes tactile sensation t can be in peace and the desire of his wife can go away. In the story Butterfly Man Clanswoman cant choose who to be with became use of the things she admires or that she exchangeables. At initiative she was with her baby at the v irregular while her husband was gone. Then she left(a) when not supposed to and saw a squeeze stroke a ND followed it on and on, left the baby on the scouring alone neer to return because of what she wanted.A quote that proves this is, Nor was it flying at random, for its standards COUrse WA s leading her ever up and back, farther into the hills, farther from the river(Kookier 61 ). HTH s is important because it shows that her wanting that butterfly she never noticed how far SSH e was from her home and her baby. Anformer(a) thing she does is refuse the butterfly man whew n he say not to shade up and look at the other butterflies.A quote that shows that she disobey deed the butterfly man and looked at the other butterflies is, Her eyes followed his flight and SSH e took one hand off the dampen and reached greedily for him(Kookier 63). This quote is imports NT because when something is desired so much that they break the rule they atomic number 18 suppose d to follow like not leaving their house when husbands are hunting or the one the butterfly man gave which as never to let go and look up a t the other butterflies.This kind of stuff and other things may lead to jealousy and many more things. In the story Testily, Suns Daughter the cause of the events that unroll in the story are because Of Testily, Suns Daughter. When Testily accepted Thetas marriage offer I sparking plug was mad. A quote that proves this is, Hoopla was angry. He grabbed Tequilas arm, shouting, Shes exploit Shes exploit I am older than you and she is mine (Kookier 114). T his quote is important because it shows that Hoopla being jealous he ended up pulling Test

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I Don; T Know

Unit octet purge Danielle Cripe Kaplan University Unit 8 Project Questions take apart I 1. Under HIPAA, atomic number 18 you legally allowed to view this affected components checkup info? wherefore or why not? All ain and confidential information should be check to the bargon amount of health accusation lords. Only to carry prohibited medical exam treatment (MLAE). 2. In this case, how would you be capable to correct your error and provide the missing documents to the patient of role while still protect patient confidentiality under HIPAA? You should contact the patient inform them you still have the documents, and rent if they ould like to come to get them (MLAE). 3. in addition a HIPAA Patient Release of learning form, list 4 other items that atomic number 18 found in the medical register. A privacy ceremonial, acknowledgment that the privacy notice was received, a trading partner proportionateness, and an agreement reached with a health c ar professional condescension associates (MLAE). 4. Legally, does the patient or the doc/healthcare facility own the medical record? why? The healthcare facility, but the patient can access them some(prenominal) time as long as the mendelevium feels it will cause no hurt to the patient (MLAE). 5.List 3 ways patient confidentiality is maintained in the reception/ hold area of a medical office. non discussing patient information in the lobby. do sure computer screens are out of patients sight. Also making sure patients files are not left open (MLAE). 6. A breach of confidentiality can result in what consequences for a health care professional? This could result in possible termination, or possible civil action being taken (MLAE). 7. From the list of Interpersonal moral philosophy (found in Chapter 1 of the Fremgen text), please pass how any of those traits were demonstrated in your actions in this case scenario?Respect by face to make sure you could access his information (MLAE). Unit 8 Pro ject Questions Part II 1. Would the action taken in this second scenario be within your background signal of commit for your chosen field? Why or why not? No only physicians should be giving out prescriptions, and they should have never even looked in the file. They should have just taken a message for the doctor (MLAE). 2. What determines your scope of practice for your chosen career? What you study, and what the office you are working in tells you to do (MLAE). 3.Would Respondeat lord apply in this case scenario? Why or why not? I would not think so, because this person was not acting within their scope of business (MLAE). 4. Would the Good Samaritan Law apply in this case scenario? Why or why not? No because this was not any emergency situation (MLAE). 5. What role does the food and Drug Administration (FDA) play in regards to prescription medication? The FDA is responsible for protect and promoting public health through the standard and supervision of food safety, tobacco products, dietary supplements, prescription and ver-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs (medications), vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, blood transfusions, medical devices, electromagnetic radiation emitting devices (ERED), and veterinary products (MLAE). 6. What role does the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) play in regards to prescription medication and a physicians ability to prescribe narcotics? Physicians must have a DEA license to create verbally prescriptions, and it must be for the state they are practicing in (MLAE). References Bonnie F Fremgen, Ph. D. (2009). medical exam LAW AND ETHICS. New Jersey Pearson instruction Inc.

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Gentleman of the Jungle

In Kenyattas The Gentlemen of the Jungle, while renders space in his army shanty to elephant who seeks shelter from homophile. Man resorts to violence later elephant and the rest of the carnals fritter away advantage of his kindness. my deer good musical composition, will you please let me deposit my trunk inside your hut to keep it surface of this torrential pelting? asked the elephant, knowing very well that he needed more space than advertise what his trunk was going to occupy.Man invited elephant to put his trunk in, once invited, the elephant pushed his whole consistency into mans hut pushing man out of his hut as there is not enough room for both of us, you put up afford to remain in the rain d protest while I am protect my over finespun skin from the hailstorm said the elephant. Against the superstar tone beast man was preoccupied so he seeks the help of the female monarch of the jungle, who deems the elephant to be just. With no one to get to for nice ty, man resorts to violence.Under the pretence of civilizing Africa, compound powers entered into Africa and brought tobacco whisky and religion, once in, they took met all in allic silver and spice to nourish their drink down as did the elephant to protect its delicate skin. compound inhabitants the like the Elephant were big and powerful. Against their gun powderise and muskets, the sharpest Afri quite a little spear is blunt they were more advanced in weaponry and large in number since Africa was then separate into m both little tribes. There are several reasons wherefore colonizers explored the world.Although their motive for Africa is do known after the exceeding stultification they caused in Africa, their facade was the premise of reservation the world a better out for all to live. The colonizers of Africa needed resources to build the action of luxury they cherished, just now they had a bother they did not break enough resources in their land to live the li festyle they wanted hence the exploration. The Colonizers took more than they were offered by the Afri cornerstones. Elephants are known to appear calm and docile, but can be very violent.An elephant is occasional and can turn on any one at any time, with a high probability of causing colossal damage to their surroundings. According to www. discovery. com, an elephant is the beast which passes all others in wit and mind. With this knowledge of elephants capability to outsmart man, one can lay out that elephant intentionally asked for mans help with the ulterior motive of winning what is genuinely mans property. The brood of an elephant is very hard and can agree any burden hence why the elephant is referred to as a beast of burden.The scientific name for an elephant is pachyderms, which means thick-skinned puppets. Elephants statement that his skin is too delicate is insulting, and condescending to man, considering the fact that an elephants incubate is very rough and rugge d a characteristic that is quite opposite of the delicate skin of man. One can argue that this is an effort by the author to dedicate the reviewer a glimpse of the military posture of colonizers towards Africans the attitude of the African being low to the colonizers.Once in Africa, in this case, mans hut, with the size and might of an elephant, the internal inhabitants of Africa were pushed out of their land. How then does one be himself from a beast that weighs a ton, to whom do you ask for help if your cry for justice is suppressed with what is an raw law? The African allowed the colonizers on to their land and the colonizers established their own law on the land of Africa to referee and dissolve disputes how they see fit. Another head teacher that sparks my attention as a reader is Kenyattas choice of the members of the animal kingdom. wherefore the choice of the lion, buffalo, leopard, and hyena as the intruders of mans hut, and the members of the ruling committee of t his case. wherefore not a cat, a mouse, or any other domestic animals? To further investigate the nature of these animals, an in-depth research was make on the personalities of such animals. The head of the judicial decision committee, the Lion, is notorious for its greedy nature. Lions steal what is not rightfully theirs. It is in their nature to take advantage of weaker species whenever the opportunity presents itself. The hyena is by nature a scavenger.The spotted African hyena features prominently in African mythology and folklore, where its portrayal varies from being a bringer of light, to a symbol of immorality and depravity. (www. wikipedia. com) African folklore associates the hyena with immorality and depravity this says a pickle about the hyena in this layer considering the fact that it was a member of the unjust rulers of the animal kingdom, and also an intruder to mans hut which he reinforced for himself. Hyenas are opportunistic and consistently shake with lions in the wild because theyd kind of steal the lions pabulum than hunt for themselves.The rhino is a bully. to the highest degree people view the rhino as a slow lumbering animal however, they can turn 180 degrees at the blink of an eye and when necessary can run remarkably fast. The leopard operates with stealth, and is known to be the most secretive, shrewdest and elusive of the large carnivores. It is the strongest climbing iron of the large cats and capable of killing prey larger than itself. All of the above named animals have tendencies to appear docile, but have wide capabilities of doing damage.It is not like the nature of these animals to tear down co-exist together. However, in this story, they, like colonial powers coalesce and form an alliance against man, the African. Like the hap theme of colonizers taking Africas wealth, the animal kingdom continues taking from man. The colonial powers, like the elephant had ulterior motives of taking whats rightfully the proper ty of man, the African. This constant power scrape and trend of injustice and disregard for the African caused the African to seek violence as the ultimate problem solver.