Monday, August 26, 2019

Unit 1 Lab 2 Using Command Line Help Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Unit 1 Lab 2 Using Command Line Help - Case Study Example It shows the general commands including the tools and utilities. These commands mostly comprise of the BSD user environment (Lewis, 2013). Most are command shell interpreters, commands for manipulating files, commands for the mail, and tools for formatted output and text editors. All of these commands set a value for status so that it can be used to ascertain if the command executed successfully upon completion. The above is in line that a value of zero shows a successful conclusion of the command while, and a value is greater than zero means that an error occurred. Note: With Solaris, it is necessary to run the catman utility before search the man pages by keyword. This can take considerable time on some systems and is generally completed by the instructor prior to class. Enter the following command: $ man –k grep a. List some of the man pages where the grep command was found . Step 10. Interpret man Page Headings There are a number different headings or informational areas in a typical man page. The more common ones are: NAME Name accomplish the same thing SYNOPSIS Shows the syntax arguments DESCRIPTION Gives an overview of what the what the command will take effect on such that can change the function or effect of They are by a dash (-) or minus sign SEE ALSO Refers the user to other related commands and subjects These headings are displayed in the man page output using all capital letters. Depending on the command and its purpose, the man page may not contain all headings. For instance, the pwd (Print Working Directory) command does not have Options or Operands information heading since there are no options or operands that can be with the command. All commands will have at least a Name, Synopsis, and

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