Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Database Management system project (MIS) Assignment

Database Management system project (MIS) - Assignment Example With the help of an entity relation diagram (ERD), normalized relations are displayed using Crows Foot notation. Further, relational tables and the ERD are translated and displayed in Access with a focus on integrity and referential rules during the design of the tables. Finally, the project will perform querying processes that summarizes the key data and give justifications for them. With the help of screenshots, the database components will be shown in the report to illustrate the functionality of the database. This is a project that entails the development of a database for an airline company referred as Fly Dubai. The company operates from Dubai and serves regions in Asian Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Europe. The system for an airline company should be up to date, accurate, secure, and responsive to frequent changes and should integrate the use of decision making and management tools for the day to day operation of the company. Airline industry comprise of a number of stakeholders which include passengers, airline employees, airport and crew service providers and government regulators among others. A database is anticipated that documents the details of all the interested parties and meets their needs effectively. This paper documents the creation of a database using database tools such as Access and subsequent management processes that ensure efficient delivery of service. Fly Dubai is a no-frills airline company that is based in United Arab Emirates. The company serves low income consumers in UAE and other Asian countries. It has also developed partnerships and collaborations with other airlines operating outside UAE and into Asian Pacific regions, Europe, South America and Africa. The airline is headquartered in Dubai and is a vital transport option for UAE residents and beyond. Since the inception of the airline a few years ago, the key challenge has been the booking, scheduling and office

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