Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Research Paper proposal & annotated bibliography

Paper & annotated bibliography - Research Proposal ExampleI will accommodate out extensive literary analysis in order to discover the ideas that various authors front in their own discourses. Numerous authors and researchers have investigated the cultural offspring and impacts of the war in the American society. I will therefore investigate and use three of the most cited works thereby drawing conclusion base on their ideologies of the authors. The three books includeIn discussing the history of the Vietnam War, Anderson explains the influence that such effects had on the American culture. The author explains the extensive use of radio among another(prenominal) media in enhancing the spread of the culture both in the United States and throughout the world. According to the book, the war led to systematic change of culture as captured by various media. The author draws his references from poetry, films, memoirs and journalism among others at the time. He explains that the works of ten conveyed three unique thematic features including home, wound and the voice. The three were significant in constructing the convey war culture. American became increasingly patriotic with a heightening desire to protect their rights while developing comfortable, safe and secure homes for themselves. This validates the flamboyant experienced at the time as the society became conscious of the effects of war. The book provides an in-depth analysis of the cultural effects of the war and is therefore a vital resource in my research.Just as the title suggests, the encyclopedia provides an in-depth analysis of the cultural effects of the Vietnam War in the United States. As such, the encyclopedia is a phenomenal minute that discusses the importance of the war not only to the American culture but to the global culture as well. The authors assert that the United States is a major economy, ace that influences the cultural developments globally. As such, the country enhanced the

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