Monday, June 17, 2019

E-Commerce in Project Integration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

E-Commerce in Project Integration - Essay ExampleThese applications map electronic communications systems and technology of internet (world wide web) and local area networks.1 These depend on computer and non computer technologies. The usage of non computer technologies ignore be speed up victimization the e occupation applications. For example the sales and transportation activities can be speeded up by timely communication using computer technologies. According to a survey the e calling business applications generated $12.3 billion sales in 2003. this sales is apart from the general sales.The concept of electronic commerce was not same as it was now when compared to 30 years back. The concept has changed with the change of technology. In the present day usage and the needs the e - commerce applications commonly integrate various activities in the project direction. 30 years back, the interchange of data and funds transfer used to be the meaning of e commerce. They overwhelm t he transmission of purchase orders and invoices electronically. The process of integration is not present in the beginning.E - Commerce is combination of technology and business. The name itself will represent that combination. It can be defined as the set of processes that execute the business. The analysis of the information available also is part of e commerce. 20 years back, the initiation of recognition cards and ATMs occurred. This outgrowthd the speed of transaction. After that the e commerce introduced the enterprise resource planning systems. These included data mining and ware housing of data. The increase of databases resulted in increasing the capacity of analysing by the e commerce applications. At present the e commerce includes a wide range of business activities. These activities include number of processes like e banking, offshore manufacturing and e logistics. The growth of the economies of the countries started to speed up when the industries in those countries used e commerce for the integration of their activities. The reason is that it speeded up the execution of transactions and delivery and production of goods. In this paper the application and advantage of using e commerce for integrating the construction project management will be discussed. 2. E-Commerce in Construction BusinessLike any other business, the construction business involves the sales, purchase, cash and information transfer and transportation of goods. along with the aforesaid topics, the process of tenders was also involved. All the above mentioned activities, transactions and processes involved in them can be speeded up by the integration using the e commerce applications. As the groceries are ordered online by customers, similarly the construction material also can be ordered online using e commerce applications. This is possible if the vendor of the construction material also have e commerce applications and using them. This entry of e commerce into number of secto rs removed the barriers of merchandising in number of types of goods. This decreased the investment in establishment of showrooms for many small sized and big sized businesses and industries. As the usage of e commerce decrease the flow of customers to the showroom along with

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