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PART 2 Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

PART 2 - Term Paper ExampleThe law and the doctors code of ethics as well lays out the responsibility of patients to confidentiality of their medical info or records. Breach of this confidentiality is punishable by law. If a hospital is proved to have made public such private data or voluntarily enabled third dampenies to access such schooling, its image can be damaged completely. Since health sustainment is a very sensitive retort to individuals hearing treatment and they require their information to be treated with utmost confidentiality, it is very difficult for them to seek treatment to an institution where they are not trusted of confidentiality. Therefore, a health organization can lose mush of its clients. This is also accompanied by financial losses as people will seek medical care elsewhere. Health organizations that operate through financial support from donors and well-wishers can lose this support if proved to be negligent of the right of patients in terms of con fidentiality of the medical records. On the other hand, breach of private medical information can also have adverse effects on the part of the patients. Some information is very sensitive and if it falls into the wrong hands, patients can be emotionally walk outed. For instance, disclosure of a patients HIV/ help status can blow over to discrimination and stigmatization. There are a lot of negative effects that are associated with discrimination such as stress, or mental torture. Some people have even been reported to commit suicide as a result of discrimination and stigmatization. Disclosure of such information can also affect the social life of an individual as s/he may feel embarrassed if some private information falls way into the public. If private medical information of an individual falls into the hands of employers, some people may lose their job based on the severity of their medical problem. Some medical conditions have been proved to affect productivity of individuals i n the workplaces as they may skip some days or take breaks from work to seek medical care. Therefore, an employer may terminate employment if such information falls into his/her hands. In addition, this may also directly affect other family members as they may also be discriminated against. For instance, a wife may be stigmatized or discriminated against if her husbands HIV status is know by the public. In some parts of the world, certain medical conditions are regarded as a taboo and punishment from God hence may lead to discrimination (Cordess, 2001). In a nutshell, breach of patients medical records or information may have negative effects to the health care provider, patient, as well as other family members. References Banker, E. A. (2006). Institutional Review Board Management and Function. New York, USA Jones and Bartlett Learning. Cordess, C. (2001). Confidentiality and Mental Health. New York, USA Jessica Kingsley Publishers. duty assignment 2 Potential causes of breach of confidentiality and assessment Confidentiality of patients medical records has been a sensitive issue over the recent historical. As evidenced in many sources, at that place have been a lot of cases involving patients complaining of breach of confidentiality in terms of their medical records. In fact, many health care providers have in the past been sued and found guilty. This paper describes the possible causes of breach

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