Saturday, June 8, 2019

Men & Women Age Differently Essay Example for Free

Men Wo custody Age Differently Essay The aver come on life expectancy is currently 78 years old, but was at 49 years at the turn of the century. There is a widening age gap between men and women, such that among women who atomic number 18 65-69, there be 81 guys for every 100 girls in the population. NY Times stated that the prospects for men are brighter than women. Men that survive beyond the age of 85 are more promising than women to be in better health and to have more remaining independent life years. More men than women over the age of 85 are married than women, and women are more prone to disabling effects of chronic condition while men are prone to fatal and chronic conditions. 23% of women age 85 or older are at poverty level, while men are at 16%. The nations oldest and express growing population today is dominated by a disproportionately large number of unmarried women who are likely to be poor and impaired. Women nourish friendship more than men, thus when a man is widowed- it is likely that he is alone while his friends are still married. Mens income after the age of 85+ seems to be substantially less than the income of women the age 85+. Men and women approach things differently, where women are more likely to ask for help and men are less likely to ask for help. So, there is a sample study that was done and the men in this sample study were more likely to be married, and less likely to be physically impaired in contrast to the women who are more dependent for personal assisted living and closer with their children, where men are not 3 Competencies required to adapt to community living such as exercising control over the physical environment, maintaining social integration, and sustaining a sense of well being and motivations.

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