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Networking researh paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Networking researh paper - Essay ExampleOther requirements take on radio receiver networking adapter or a PC card adapter, a modem and a network hub. In content of wide-ranging tuner networking, it is always wise to use an HP Network Assistant to bear out your equip and wireless network tacktings (Hewlett-Packard Development Company). Wireless networks are based on IEEE 802.11 standards which is a set of standards developed by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) to carry out WLAN technology with specifications or protocols like 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n having absolute frequency bandwidth of 2.4, 3.6 and 5 GHz. Setting up a Wireless Network at Home Wireless local anaesthetic Area Networks (WLANs) onlyow a user to connect to a local area network through wireless networking, like a small network in a house or an office. The user does not have to waste time in adjusting wires, cables and plugs. He can take the system he is working on anywhere he wants inside the house or inside the range of nettle points. Thus, setting up a WLAN saves time and money wasted on setting up cables. Computers inside WLAN can be networked together through simple configuration without the need of having them attached through wires. How to Set Up? It is important to have respective help packs installed in our PCs. A service pack is a collection of updates and fixes that should accompany with the operating system (Fisher 2010). If we have Windows Vista operating system, and then we must install Windows Vista Service Pack 1. Similarly, for Windows XP, we should install Windows XP Service Pack 3. The main figure of service packs is that they save us from security breaches like network intrusion, viruses, Trojan horses, and etcetera. Equipment Required One should go for the wireless equipment that supports 802.11g because the performance is high with this protocol. Such equipment is also called Wi-Fi which confirms that the equipment belongs to th e 802.11 family. Since all current high speed wireless networks are using IEEE standards, especially 802.11g, the term Wi-Fi is used to distinguish wireless networks from other traditional wired networks. We would first need a broadband net connection which is a high speed connection, real fast as compared to a dial-up connection using a telephone line. Then, we need a modem. For a wireless network, a cable modem is recommended which is a device that enables high speed internet connectivity. Afterwards, we would need a wireless router, that is, a device that leave alone facilitate the flow of data traffic between all the PCs that are to be networked together. Fourth, we will need to know if we are already having a constituent(a) wireless network adapter in or PC or not. Most laptops today have built-in wireless network adaptors which save one from buying an external adapter. If we do not have this, they we will need to buy adapters for all the computers we want to be networked t ogether. If we have laptops, we should buy PC card-based adapters and in case we have desktops, we should buy USB adapters. It would be wiser to go for the network adapter that is manufactured by the same seller that manufactured the router. Procedure We should have the cable modem and the router hooked up to the wall. The modem is to be connected to the broadband internet

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