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INDIVIDUAL REPORT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

undivided REPORT - Essay Example6 Cultural sexual congress and community cohesion.. 7 minor wage keeps inflation low. 7 Dynamism in sparing activities 8 Business relation 8 Treats of migration 9 Low wages keep other workers wages low.. 9 profit in criminal acts 9 Use of government subsidized services without paying taxes 9 direct money to home dry land 9 Increased cost on society in wrong of larger population 10 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction Economic migration and its impact on the economy has scarcely been out of public debates over the past few months, with many controversies to the extent of accessible and economic gain to the developed, evolution and under developed countries from in-migration. However, economic migration has presented greater opportunities for the same countries, particularly in economic term (Marangozov, 2007). Todays economic world is witnessing economic or wear out migration chop-chop mainly due to the increased demand for low-wage workers in developed countries and lack of employment opportunities in developing countries. Both men and women are pursuing to work in other countries in order to second themselves and their families back home. This piece of research presents a brief report on economic migration and its impact on developed countries. This paper analyzes various benefits and threats of economic migration to an economy. Key trends and characteristics Immigrants are classified into two distinct groups, economic migrants , who are individuals searching for high standard jobs and economic security and refugees, who are individuals fleeing persecution in their home country (Cortes 2001, p,41). These two categories do of course overlap. Higher verse of migrant workers are from the EU accession states that is the nigh leading trends of recent economic migration. Immigration levels to the developed countries have increased in recent years, mainly driven by on going economic growth in the UK and by the op ening of the labor market to the new EU accession states since recently (Marangozov, 2007). For example, between three months in 2007, the number of applications from the A8 countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, and Slovenia) has been dropped to 50,000 from 52,000. The numbers thus have been coming to decline over completely- during the above mentioned three months of the previous year, 56,000 workers registered (, 2007). The UK was one of the few EU nations opening its labor market to the A8 countries when they joined in 2004, causing a heavy inflow of immigration to the country. In response, the UK placed restrictions on some developing nationals when their countries joined the EU on January 2007 ( Worldwide Immigrants Statistics Worldwide, in that location is virtually 191 million immigrants and the last 50 years have seen an almost doubling of immigration, out of them around 115 million migrants are livin g in developed countries 38 million immigrants that account to be 20% are living in the US alone. According to some estimates, around 33% of all immigrants are living in Europe and a major portion of it lives in around 28 countries. Women immigrants

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