Monday, April 8, 2019

Element of Drama Essay Example for Free

Element of gambling EssayAccordingly, elements of childs dictationtic play consist of literary, technical and performance elements. In Hamlet, it can be utter that the elements of drama for each category are quite obvious. The first element to consider is the cites. It can be said that most dramas composes of the major and minor characters and in line with Hamlet, The major characters involve Hamlet and Claudius and the minor include Marcellus which serves a specific purpose of informing the lead character of the appearance of the his fathers ghost. in that respect is also protagonist antagonist and in the case of Hamlet, the protagonist is Hamlet and the antagonist.Another type of character is the stereotype and the role of Hamlet also sees how such s stereotype has been modified. The theme of Hamlet is usually stated as the failures of the youth of poetic temperament to adjust with different situations which shoot action. The plot lies on the struggles of Hamlet and how she cope or not cope with the situation that challenges her. It can be said that Hamlet has been able to achieve artistic maturity through the opposing struggles of the people in the drama the moral integrity that it implies with the audiences.In terms of technical side, it can be said that drama plays have been able to produce a sense of hatred and revenge to the audience with how they perform the drama. For instance, the settings show a heavy feeling in the part of Hamlet because of the death of his father. The musical scores equal provide revengeful music as they try to make the people feel the tension among characters. The actors and actresses of the play has been very effective in making the audience feels the wrath of Hamlet because of what happened to his father (Bradley, 51).It can be said that Hamlet was written with poetic diction that uses eloquent words as well as phrases and the performance have shown in their actions how this drama has been able to create and kee p tensions and suspense throughout the play. all in all in all, it can be said that this drama has been able to use different elements integrated to ground a tragedy.ReferenceBradley, A. C. Shakespearean Tragedy Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear Macbeth. New York Penguin, 1991.

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