Sunday, April 7, 2019

An Unforgettable Experience Essay Example for Free

An Unforgettable Experience EssayThough there was an atmosphere of pleasure yet it was tinged with an air of melancholy and pitifulness. My class-mates and I were in their best dresses. This was the first time in I he span of twelve years that I was not wearing school uniform. We both intermeshed our seats and the function started. First of all, there was a ceremony of lighting the lamp which was inaugurated by the Principal of our school. and so the students of 12th class lighted their candles from the big lamp. It was followed by the students of 11th class that was hosting the party in our honour. after(prenominal) this ceremony, programmes of entertainment were put up for our amusement and recreation by the hosting party. at that place were the items of balloon-breaking with a foot, buns-eating hanging spate a sting, musical chair and such other allied things. Some of them sang folk songs and danced a rig.After that the stage was left to us to present our items. While our programmes were going on, dainty dishes containing potato chips, pastry, samosa and rasgullas were served to all those who were present. Along with these delicacies, coffee was also served. Some of the students had torn themselves away from the assembly to collect autographs of their beloved teachers. There were speeches in English and Hindi delivered by the Principal and teachers. They all advised us not to do any such deed as to lower the prestige of the school. They told us that we should never forget our ammeter and her ideals.In the end, we were all wished a brilliant success not only in the forthcoming examination still in life also. Then we had a photograph spree. There were class-wise photographs with their class teachers and the-Principal and also individual photographs. This move till it was -the time for the school to break. And by and by all went back home with a sad heart caused by departure but with new hopes to enter a wider demesne of new challenges of life.

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