Saturday, March 9, 2019

Tears of a Tiger

Justin Evans Goodbye to shaft This metrical composition goes along with the mood of the fiction because it is a sad song about losing a loved one. In the tale afterwards solicit and Andy pass away their families were very sad about losing them. This was a major(ip) plot point in the story. heart of a Tiger Eye of a tiger relates to the story because Andy tells his brother multiple times in the story its ok to put dragons in the jungle and rupture on a tiger the title of the story comes from this quote.Basketball The Theme of tears of a tiger is basketball. This rising action of the story is when Andy, Rob, and 20B. J were celebrating after a huge win. Basketball by Lil Bow Wow I could imagine that this song is Robert Washingtons favourite song. The song dialogue about playing basketball. Rob always wanted to be on the court, or practicing his shot. That is why I think this song was Robertss favorite song.Heaven wasnt so far away. After Andy and Rob died, their families wish ed they could see them again. In this song it talks about going to heaven for a twenty-four hours which is what they wanted to do Wish you were here In the climax of this story Rob Washington dies. The song wish you were here fits the mood of the story because everybody wishes Rob was there. Robs girlfriend wishes Roberts was back several times in the story. tear of a Tiger

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