Monday, February 25, 2019


There is a commanding correlation amid the longer a child attend pre-school and gritty IQ scores. Children who can afford to spend a lot of beat in pre-school exact p bents who are wealthy and likely educated, providing them with good genes and gum olibanum are likely to have high IQ scores. Children with high IQ scores perform well in pre-school and incentives their parents to keep them in pre-school longer. get C. 16. The hypothesis is that students go away understand math material better when they avocation musical composition listening to classical music. 7. The independent versatile is the setting in which the students study, whether that is with classical music or no classical music. 18. The dependent variable is how well the students perform on the math test administered after whiz month 19. The observational classify is the group of students who study math while listening to Mozart. 20. The control group is the group of students who study without listening to mu sic. 21 . There isnt in truth a placebo group, no maven is receiving a spurt treatment, they are either listening to music or not. 22. MrRoss randomly depute students to the group that they are in to help prevent confounds. He also administered the same math test to both groups of students. 23. Experimenter bias is possible because Mr Ross could have graded the math test differently based on what group the student was. Also he could have interpreted the difference between the two groups as a result of the music but it really was Just random chance. 24. The hypothesis is that Hawthorne believes that employees working in brighter light environments will have increased productivity. 25.The independent variable is he setting in which the employees work, whether it is bright or dark environments. 26. The dependent variable is the productivity of the workers. 27. The experimental group is the group of employees that work in the brighter work environment (100 westward tinder). 28. T he control group is the group of employees that work in the regular lighting area (70 watt lighting). 29. There is no placebo because there is no bullshit treatment or pill that is given for psychological benefits of the patients, there are just 2 group, one with 100 watt lighting and one with 70 watt lighting.

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