Saturday, October 12, 2019

Success at Work Essay -- Business Management Studies

Success at Work A real story happened with Mohammed and Abdullah can illustrate the term "Success at Work". Mohammed and Abdullah graduated from the college of commerce and economics in 2000. Mohammed got a job in a global oil company and Abdullah got a job in a global bank. From the first day, Mohammed started working effectively. He was always putting his goals and then putting a lot of efforts in achieving those goals. That is, he was accomplishing his work tasks and responsibilities completely and creatively. In addition, he joined a lot of committees, in his company, as well as the staff club. On the other hand, Abdullah was happy because he was given an office, car, and telephone. He distributed his telephone number to his family members, friends and relatives, and offered them the priority in accomplishing their transactions in the bank. Because he was always busy in accomplishing his family’s transactions (wasta), he got no time to do his other tasks. As a result, a lot of work materials accumulated on his office. Abdullah’s behaviors bothered his fellow employees. They advised him o change his behaviors and to take care about his work tasks and responsibilities. Also, the bank’s administration sent him several warnings due to the employees' complaints. Unfortunately, Abdullah responded to those advices and warnings carelessly, and the same behaviors continued. The result of both cases: After 18 months of the employment:- Â · Mohammed received a promotion and got a...

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