Tuesday, October 8, 2019

ROBOTICS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

ROBOTICS - Essay Example The robot has imitated the human arm in most cases because this is where it receives application in industries. Regardless of the robot developed and application specification for it, robots have some basic characteristics that define them. Sensing is a key feature in robot development. They should be able to sense the environment around them. To be able to articulate this principle sensors like light sensors, sonar sensors, touch sensors and chemical sensors can be adopted to implement the robot (Anderson). A motionless robot is not a robot. The robot should have the ability to move in its environment. Using wheels, rollers, legs, and or thrusters can make the robot move to perform its tasks. Care is taken during application of the robot to ensure the environment does not harm the robot or vice versa. Owing to the use of electronic components and codes to give it logical sequence guide in its operation, means they utilize energy (Cordeschi). Because of its movement capabilities, its design should put consideration into powering itself. A degree of intelligence needs injecting into the robot design. This is the ability of a robot to be smart. Programming is the playground to implement the smartness of the robot as it works in the environment. The programs guide the robot on what to and not do. In general, a robot is a combination of sensors, power supplies, manipulators, control systems and software all gear to one task. Robots for industrial use rotate through three different axes. They achieve applications in the field of assembly, welding, pick, and placing objects, packaging, and inspection of products, testing, and painting. In fact, the said field of application requires endurance, fastness, and utmost precision (Igor Aleksander). This entirely are features that a robot can be designed to achieve. Robots in every manner attempt to imitate the human being. About this, analyzing a human body goes along way into

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