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Managing People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Managing People - Essay Example An organisation should therefore strive to reduce constant absenteeism that has direct and indirect negative impacts. Most companies are now focusing on the proactive ways of checking and reducing absenteeism by indentifying and dealing with causes of non-attendance rather than focusing on the absenteeism as a negative entity (Coughlan 2004, P.5). The moist common causes of absenteeism are related to sickness and other genuine reasons though in some cases employees may fail to show up at work place without a genuine reason due to lack of motivation, bullying, personal issues and stress. A company should therefore focus on addressing the cause of absenteeism rather than completely eliminating absenteeism. Keenly addressing workers absences will help to make a major variation to the absence intensity currently and in future. The proactive ways helps to reduce employee’s absence as well as creating conducive working conditions that helps to increase production and staff retention . This paper will critically analyse proactive approaches in reducing absenteeism. Approaches to reduce absenteeism Most companies are focusing on reducing absenteeism in their through proper proactive approaches that also helps to improve employees’ services delivery. ... The second step is the administration level that helps to allocate resources to implement the set rules, regulations and policies to achieve the organisational goals (Devanna at el 1981, P. 53). The require recourses may include time, employees, funds, information and other parameters stated in the strategic plan. And finally the implementation level that involves the day to day running of the organisation by the management that brings together all departments in the organisation to allow smooth learning of the organisation which is the overall goal of reducing absenteeism. To effectively reduce absenteeism the company must assess the current situation; come up with the desired situation and the plan to achieve the future situation. A company can adopt several proactive methods to anticipate reduce absenteeism in workplace as follows. Recruitment A company should lay a strongly highlighting of the significance of consistent turnout to work in the organisation from the recruitment sta ges. The interview should ask questions aimed at determining the applicants’ attitude towards chronic absenteeism depending on the organisational goals (Liste n.y.) and if possible the applicant can be asked to show his attendance record from the previous employer. The employer should seek to know personal traits that can increase chances of absenteeism without genuine reasons such as personal honesty, commitment to work, truthfulness and personal integrity (Salisbury 2010). According to Morgan (2012), some of the company may concentrate on a policing and implementing of principles set to ensure full attendance rather than developing a culture of consistence in attendance of employees. Developing a civilized and constructive attendance in an organisation starts

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