Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The research report Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

The report - Research Paper Example By June 20th, the secondary research and presentation of the research proposal was completed, and the project was headed for the next steps that included conducting interviews on the respondents chosen for the purposes of this study before documenting and analyzing the data obtained. Following your approval to conduct the research amongst residents of Beverly, the National Association of RELATORS was instrumental in providing the primary data for homebuyers who used various purchase methods to buy their homes. You also approved the proposal to conduct interviews on residents of Beverly, who had recently used one of the investigated purchase options to acquire property and those who had the intention to purchase a home in due time and were having one of the options in mind. The purchase options that were investigated for the purposes of this study include mortgage financing, lease purchase, FHA loans, VA loans and purchase in cash. After the data analysis, the project required a PowerPoint presentation of the report progress which was completed by the 26th of June this year. It is worth mentioning that the primary data was gotten from the certified website of the National Association of RELATORS. This was because the company had been assisting homebuyers in making decisive decisions on what purchase options best suits their circumstances. In the process, the company documented the number of buyers who used various purchase options. As a result, the project was able to obtain dependable data that played a significant role in the completion of this research project. In addition to that, I should not go without mentioning the fact that the respondents chosen for the purposes of this study were corporative and for this reason the project was able to obtain the intended results. My research revealed that it was imperative for potential

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