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Modernisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Modernisation - Essay Example As a result of this each unit focused on a specific task and was directly accountable for it. Cowper (2001) goes on to say that post 1997, in the second phase of the reform process, the labour Government headed by Tony Blair has focused on 'partnership and collaboration within the public sector.' The focus he says has " shifted from outputs to outcomes, and there is a drive to take a longer-term view in policymaking and a consumer view in service delivery." A significant aspect of modernization has been the introduction of technology to the various areas of work. Consumerist orientation of the public sector has also been an area of focus. According to Schofield, (2003) The biggest challenge for the public sector is to ensure high quality service within a limited budget. Along with these aspects comes the key area of employee relations. As the structure and focus of the organization changes, the impact is likely to be felt most by the people who work in the organization. This paper focuses on the implications of this modernization agenda on public sector industrial relations Using the available research and publications on the modernization of the public sector and public service employment relations, this paper will begin by looking at the need for modernization and the key objectives of modernization. The next section will focus on the changing face of industrial relations in the age of modernization. The focus will then shift to the significance of employee relations in the present era. Based on the findings of Dr. Stephen Bach's paper titled 'HR and new approaches to Public Sector Management: Improving HRM Capacity' (2000) and Lynette Harris' paper titled, 'UK public sector reform and gaining commitment to the 'performance agenda," (2003) this section will deal with some of the challenges that lie ahead in the modernization or reform focus. The key issue raised will be the need for better Human resource Management Practices to ensure better employee relations and greater job satisfaction. What is Modernisation According to the Policy Brief, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (2005),Today Governments all over the world are under increasing pressure to open up to public scrutiny and be more accessible to the people who elected them. It was with a view to cater to this public demand , increase public trust in the Government and to improve the quality of services offered by the public sector that the Government , Cowper (2001) says introduced its modernizing agenda with a 5 point programme: a. to make policy making more evidence-based b. to make services more responsive, more coherent public and focused on the user; c. to deliver high quality, efficient public services; d. to introduce information age, on-line government including the first corporate IT strategy for government to value and reward public service with a program of Civil Service reform e. and greater diversity in recruitment As Cowper (2001) points out, the driving force behind the modernization agenda is the outcome. This model focuses on the result for the user in terms of their life or business and for the government in terms of social or economic or political change. It is not just in the United Kingdom but across the world that public sector management is in a flux. According to a white

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