Sunday, September 8, 2019

Health and Safety Manager for WoooW company Essay

Health and Safety Manager for WoooW company - Essay Example Since the employee wanted to resume his work, it is my duty to explain to him the dangers that will be faced and to safeguard the health so as not to strain at work. Bradycardia is a condition whereby the heart tends to have a slower beating rate than normal. In a normal adult heart at rest, the beats are usually between 60 and 100 times per minute. However, if an individual suffers from bradycardia, his /her heartbeat is lesser than 60 times in a minute. The condition can be considered a fatal problem in instances where the heart does not propel sufficient oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. However, some individuals do not display any symptoms or complication when suffering from the condition. The condition can be caused by many reasons such as changes in the heart that are the effect of growing old. Besides, illnesses that harm the heart’s electrical system including, heart attacks, infections such as myocarditis and endocarditis as well as coronary artery disease. Another cause includes situations that have a potential in slowing the electrical impulses of the heart such as a low thyroid level also known as hypothyroidism, an electrolyte imbalance ("Equality Act 2010" n.d.). Lastly, a various medication used while treating high blood pressure or heart conditions such as antiarrhythmic, digoxin and beta-blockers can lead to a slowed heartbeat rate. Although some individuals are suffering from the condition exhibit mild to no symptoms at all, a few symptoms are associated with it. The patients usually feel lightheaded or dizzy and have short of breath, which makes them find it difficult to be involved in exercising. Besides, they tend to feel exhausted and experience chest pains or a feeling that their heart is throbbing or flapping. The condition’s treatments include depending on the causes, being given a pacemaker, which assist in correcting a slow

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