Sunday, August 11, 2019


THE EFFECTIVENESS OF FOCUS ON FORM IN L2 LEARNERS' CLASSROOM - Essay Example Thus, recasting is perfect for classroom use and is often applied by teachers to see the degree of production reached by their student (Loewn & Philp). However, there is an alternative view to this mode of teaching. Critic Lyster feels recasts to be an ineffective form of teaching (2001). This claim lays on the idea that the other forms of feedback make a more impressive difference. This is because recasts are unable to prove the difference they make. Recasts in their own form are indefinite in showing he progress that is obtained from being used. The advantage of recasts is their similarity to different types of corrective methods used to L2 learning. This makes 50% of the results used by this form prove to be of great benefit to any learner. Recasts take up different forms. Each form has different characteristics which help determine the effectiveness of its model. The success of this form is evident in the help it provides to the learner and the use of this form. Thus, despite the overriding criticism, this essay will move to prove the different types of recasts and the methods that can be employed to make it a very effective form of learning. Research: including theoretical articles and reviews on this form of study have found support that a linguistic form of teaching adds to the communication that focuses solely on creating meaning and is thus of great help in the classroom (Doughty & Williams). Greater emphasis is laid for focus on form because it allows the student to learn from mistakes that arise in linguistics instead of paying too much attention to meaning and communication (Long 2002). This allows a natural flow in the class as it allows the student to learn from their mistakes instead of focusing on a specific and particular way of teaching. This is known as response moves and allows the student to decipher their own error in the words they make. van Lier considers this form of recast to be present in the

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