Thursday, August 29, 2019

Sales promotions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Sales promotions - Essay Example Managers’ tendency to rely on sales promotion has increased over the passage of time because sales promotion triggers the buyer action serving as a short-term tool while advertising shapes the attitude of market toward the brand in the long-run (Kotler, 2003). A very effective way of sales promotion is the use of coupons. In this strategy, customers either cut the coupons from newspapers or receive them on their own so as to be able to buy products at discounts (Rikey, 2012). Rebates are of two kinds; â€Å"an instate rebate, where the discount is taken immediately at the store register, or a mail-in rebate, or MIR, where the customer must fill out documentation, and mail it in order to receive their refund† (Miller, 2014). Cooperative advertising programs and sales training programs are means of effecting the support of retailers. Different sales promotion techniques attract professional buyers in the business market. Continuity programs are of huge significance in the travel industry and also have propagated to the advertisers of business-products (O’Guinn, Allen, and Semenik, 2011, p. 568). Repeat purchase is rewarded by continuity programs and

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