Tuesday, August 13, 2019

LG Optimus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

LG Optimus - Essay Example Perhaps the most notable feature of the phone is first encountered upon attempting to access its menu screens. Although the phone has a number of menu options, including Internet access, a calendar, and a number of characteristic smartphone features, the limited screen size makes accessing these options troublesome. For instance, in attempting to click on one of the menu options, oftentimes the screen surface misinterprets your choice and loads a different screen. The screen itself is almost impossible to type on as well. In terms of usability, the phone offers Internet access, but has a number of complications. One of the main complaints is that the phone lacks Flash access. While to some this would seem a small complaint, when actually attempting to browse the Internet it becomes clear that the pervasive use of Flash on high-use websites makes lacking this feature a significant problem. Another problem is the processor speed in terms of Internet access. While some reviewers have no ted this as one of the phone’s positive elements, it significantly falls behind the Apple iPhone. The contention is that the LG Optimus V is of lower cost than the Apple, but upon use it’s clear that the extra charge for the Apple product is well worth the cost. Furthermore, while it’s a small issue in terms of functionality, the phone often indicates that 3G access is available when in reality it is not. This becomes an issue as the user is oftentimes left wondering if the phone’s Internet connection mechanism has broken, of if it is simply another error. The device also cannot be used as a mobile hotspot. In addition to issues related to functionality and Internet access, there are a variety of miscellaneous problems with the phone. Among these issues is the phone’s lack of battery support. Indeed, among all the major smartphone products, the LG Optimus V is recognized as having the worst battery. This becomes highly problematic when the individu al attempts to use the phone on long-drives or trips. Like clockwork, the battery support runs out and the user is left with an unusable product. Another issue is the phone’s overall memory. This is one of the major sacrifices the product makes for its low cost. While individuals may feel the limited memory use is of little concern, after using the phone for a steady period one quickly recognizes the need for increased memory, as the culmination of apps and documents soon compounds. Finally, the phone comes loaded with a variety of apps and settings that the user generally does not need. It then becomes the user’s responsibility to delete these features and continually retune the settings to optimize the product efficiency. Reflection In reflecting on my review in relation to the original review I believe that my review is more persuasive. My strategy in rebutting the original review was not to simply provide a piece-by-piece refutation. I believe in attempting to refu te the original review in such a way is not rhetorically effective as this would center on the review and not the product. Instead, my review focused on the product in terms of its overriding effectiveness. While my review was a qualitative assessment of the product, it is more persuasive than the original review because of both its accuracy of assessment and quality of articulation. In

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