Monday, July 22, 2019

Stakeholders Essay Example for Free

Stakeholders Essay Different stake-holders have different aims and objectives in which conflicts can arise. A small business has Primary stake-holders which are considered important. Those are the owners, managers, workers and customers. Where as, the large company have share-holders which are considered to be the primary stake-holders, they are enabled to vote out and in who they want when business is down in the falls. Those stake-holders who have less influence within this are known to be Secondary stakeholders. Owners have a more influential say in how the aims of the businesses are agreed upon and decided. However, other groups have more of an influential say in decision making,. Customers are also considered a key, their opinions and concerns are taken in to consideration allowing the business to acknowledge on how to improve. Published information help stake-holders judge the business’s performance, information such as company reports include the amount of profit earned and the losses, enabling community policies to be set. Owner’s  judge on how much profit is being made, improving so profit increases which may consider a re-election of directors. Rivals compare the profit and Pressure group research on the environmental policy. Primary stakeholders are those individuals or groups that are affected either positively or negatively by the actions of the business, institution or organization, the secondary stakeholder are those who are affected indirectly and key stakeholders who can have an affect either positively or negatively but are involved in the business or organization. The director is the key stakeholder alongside the line staff directly working with participants, there are many more, for example, funders, heads of businesses and government etc. An business takes in to account what all the stakeholders interests hold in, they all link up to become one. Stakeholders generally have an interest based on whether they are affected by decisions taken or not, they all tend to look for what they can benefit in as well as lose within it. In the two companies decides upon, we have a variety of stakeholders: Beginning with Subway, The customers want tasty food at reasonable pricing, Subways is expected of having delicious quality food worth spending on from them, not only do they expect but like to see improvements and new products, in this case sandwich’s and ingredients giving better value of money. There are also the employers, subways provide them with a livelihood, a set regular pay enabling them to live their life and provide for their family, alongside these they expect worthy promotions, good rates of reward and a safe secured job. We then have the owners of each franchisee, in a partner ship with the main owner of subway, they are seen to be the ‘principals’ taking risks, they play the main part of setting up the franchise and expect their business to grow earning high profit. Included in this are the suppliers, subways need fresh ingredients, food and drinks supplied to them on a regular basis, suppliers want them to keep purchasing from them and therefore would like the business to work out. The government also under come being a stakeholder as all taxes have to be paid even thought they would like the business to work out. Local communities are included within the stakeholder’s category too, the actions of subway have and effect on the community too, for example, if the franchises have an  un-cleared, low in hygiene environment then it will attract rats which will spread. BBC is paid by the government through our taxes making not only the government an essential stake holder but also us as we pay our taxes. They then have the employees, in which they provide a job for them to live off, they earn money through working for BBC enabling them to have a shelter and provide for their family, this can be the presenters, actors/ actresses, producers, directors, camera man etc. In addition to this are also the union groups, in search of higher pay and better working conditions, with this we have the employer associations, although this is equivalent to the trade unions this looks more in to representing the interest of the employer’s specific industry. They then have the suppliers, who rent out equipment such as the camera’s or even things to use in the act such as a car or even place’s for them to hire and residential. In all this there is the national community playing a big part to, not only do we run this through paying our tax’s but BBC have to take care of their actions as they can have an dramatic affect on ourselves, one of these ways could be through offending members of the community racial saying, cultural or maybe topics such as drugs, alcohol etc.

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