Thursday, July 25, 2019

Literature Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Literature Review - Essay Example Kennedy (2008) however argues that the overall interests of the transsexual children are ignored by both the schools as well as the families besides department of children is also paying attention to them. (KENNEDY). This argument is therefore in conformity with the arguments of Dewey who claim that transsexual children internalize different environments on their own and plan their strategies in a manner that allow them to comply with the changing conditions besides allowing them to deal with their future medical conditions. The synthesis of both of these articles therefore would suggest that though the transsexual children are ignored by their families, schools and even the department of children, however, they have the capability to develop their own internal images of how to deal with the different difficult and easier situations. This development therefore contributes towards the achievement of their necessary survival within the society. Menvielle (2009) also argues on the role of families in helping their children to learn to cope with the reality of transsexuality and whether a child is helped to make a transition to genders from the stage of puberty is discussed. (Menvielle). Menwielle however provides a description of how families can be taught and trained to deal with the challenging situation of dealing with their children and helping them to make a transition. This argument therefore inherently points out towards the fact that existing family system and values may be insufficient in providing deliberate support to such children to face the difficult situations in life and make successful transitiona and go through various developmental stages easily. What is significant however, about the arguments of all three arguments is the fact that Kenney provides evidence regarding the role of schools and families in helping their children to better cope with the reality. Menvielle therefore provides further evidence as to how the

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