Friday, July 26, 2019

Investment proposal report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Investment proposal report - Essay Example Contextually, the mission of this particular business will be to operate with the deliverance of high quality products and services to the customers so that it can ensure maximum productivity that further shall ascertain the growth of the business. The business will also take into consideration the interests of the stakeholders while framing its strategies. The business idea, which will be focused in this context, will be multi-cuisine restaurant. A multi-cuisine restaurant is a particular sort of restaurant, which uses cooking methods of different nations of the world. This kind of restaurants often serves customers with diverse sorts of foods that have resemblance of any specific nation or region. However, establishing such business requires a considerable amount of investments. This particular business will require funds for various purposes including equipment and vehicles, marketing, land purchase, purchase of machinery, setting up of infrastructure and startup capital among others. These aspects are mandatorily required to set up multi-cuisine restaurant in any part of the UK. Hence, the need for investors is quite apparent in this particular business. It is known that investors are the people who invest their money in any business and earn profit for the same in return. For this particular business, funds will mainly be acquired from sources preferably the financial institutions of the UK. Funds will be acquired from these institutions against the payment of interest at a particular rate. It can be affirmed that acquiring funds is not only the sole step in setting up investment plans for the business rather financial planning is also considered to be important. Observably, financial planning is a set of financial goals and objectives of any business on which the profitability or the stability of the entire business is dependent.

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