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History And Development Of The Internet Essay -- essays research paper

History and Development of the Internet     The internet is a global computer network connecting millions and millions of users throughout the world. (Leiner, 2). It has become one of the fastest growing contours of converse today. (Marshall, 1).     The Internet started as a Defense Department Cold War experiment in the 1950&8217s. (Academic American, 225). The government needed a way to relay race entropy between tanks and headquarters so the APRA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) sought a way to let signals from the battlefield reach a headquarters computer apply satellites and radio signals. At the same time the command posts of the nation were located deep underground in mountains in fear of nuclear war. (Diamond, 3). Paul Baran, running(a) for the U.S. Air Force, demonstrable a network that could reroute itself around damage caused by the impact of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile by using "redundancy of connectivity ". This meant that in the event of a break in the network the server would re-route the information in an alternate path through a new technique called " big bucks switching". Packet Switching is a means of breaking up the message being sent into small packets which carry enough information to essay out its destination and sending them out separately towards the destination server. The message after being broken up would take separate routes to the destination and and so be re-assembled by the computer at the server where the message was being sent. This was good because with more than one route for information to travel on, the enemy did non have one central point to target their attack to break the lines of communication and in the event of some break in the line information could still travel through. (Diamond, 4).     This all interested the APRA enough to fund the research and development of an experimental computer network with hopes of demon strating the feasibility of remote computer mental process from the battlefield. Vinton Cerf also called "The Father of the Internet", a graduate student working at UCLA began to take interest in the 4 node APRAnet, and in 1973 developed the first TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) software. (Leiner, 4). TCP/IP software converts messages into streams, transmits them acro... ...e the controversial newsgroups (until this point net. had held everything). Some systems had refused to carry the controversial newsgroups akin net.rec.drugs so the ".alt" (alternative) hierarchy was created. (Diamond, 12)     After the development and merger of APRAnet and usenet the internet began to grow exponentially. (Diamond, 11). The internet evolved from a small government project to the fastest growing form of communication it is today. (Blom, 2)Bibliography"Internet." Academic American Encyclopedia. 1996.Diamond, Edwin and Stephen B ates. "The Ancient History of the Internet." American Heritage. Oct. 1995 pp. 34+. In Social Issues Resource Series, Inc. History- hold 17.Blom, Eric. "Ruts in Rural Info Highway." Maine sunshine Telegram (Portland, ME). CD Newsbank. 12 April 1998.Mashall, Joshua Micah. "Will Free Speech Get Tangled in the Net?" American Prospect. Jan./Feb. 1998 pp. 46-50. In Social Issues Resource Series, Inc. Internet, Censorship- Article 1.Leiner, Barry. "A Brief History of the Internet." 17 December 1998.http//

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