Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Global Human Capital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Global Human Capital - Essay ExampleEmphasis has to a fault been put upon identifying the importance of international human resource management policies in developing such spheric skills. The paper is largely based on alpha and qualitative study.Within a globalized business environment, business organizations, employees and structure of operations are needed to be set in an open, flexible and synthesized manner. Managers must be able to adjust and adapt themselves with diverse conditions and easily interact with individuals across different cultures. The globalized business environment can be stated to be a product of increased competition and enhanced level of interaction between firms across the globe. Such a diversified business environment facilitates exploring new commercialise opportunities and liberalization of trade and business regulations. One of the prime advantages arising out of globalized business environment is the transmission of technology, human capital and othe r resources so as to make up markets more and more competitive. Although managing global human capital is a huge challenge, it has facilitated distribution of talent and skill hard-hittingly. Hence modern day organizations groom managers in a manner such that they can adapt themselves with employees from different nation. Effective talent management is an essential quality global talent mangers are required to possess, in the context of multinational organizations.Much research work has been carried out in the recent decade for understanding the skills and qualities to be possessed by global managers. Most scholars such as Scullion and Collings (2010, 23) have recognized that the main skills to be possessed by global talent leaders areexpansion of scale of activities through effective talent management, establishment of suitable networks for managing talent and developing business models that can effectively exploit

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