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3G Vs 4G Wireless Technology Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

3G Vs 4G Wireless engine room - Term Paper ExampleHowever, fourth generation (4G) converse system is the descendant of 3G system. The 4G communication system offers basal speed mesh services and it is the latest wireless applications programme service for telecommunication technologies. The discussion in the paper is based on the study of distinctiveness of 3G and 4G wireless technologies and the future prospects of 4G. There are a few issues which are attached with the implementation of 4G net profit systems for providing important services to users worldwide. However, the advantages of 4G services are quite apparent compared to 3G services which will be helpful in alter applications. Table of Contents crimp 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Thesis Statement 5 Problem Description 5 Results 12 Conclusion 15 Works Cited 16 Introduction The broadband services for the telecommunication technologies have travel in a drastic way for the requirement of broadband internet servic es by users anywhere. Among the overall 1.8 billion broadband users on a worldwide basis, almost two-third users have energetic broadband facility. The users who are using this mobile communication system are being offered this service through High Speed Packet entree (HSPA) network as well as vast Term Evolution (LTE) network. HSPA services can be used with HSPA modems or USB dongles and the use of fixed DSL modems have been swapped with the availability of these high speed wireless broadband technologies. LTE has appropriated many advantages to the users as well as to the service providers for its performance of offering speed in excess of 200 Mbps and its capacity of Radio Access Network (RAN) round-trip times is within 10ms. The LTE technology has met the requirement of 4G services of providing ultra broadband internet services (Kumaravel, Comparative Study of 3G and 4G in Mobile Technology). The 4G telecommunication system is the latest wireless application of providing ul tra speed internet services and has succeeded the 3G system. It facilitates the users with the services for providing flawless connectivity at any time anywhere while accessing varied information as well as services. It also provides a better quality of services and it is be considered as Always beat Connected service (Tellabs, 4G The What, Why and When). In the present day context, flock are more attracted to technologies such as smartphones, laptops, notebooks as well as tablets which provide wireless connectivity facilities. The 3G services which facilitate varied applications for smartphones and with the introduction of tablets which require higher capacity as well as performance for better accessibility of varied information and services, there lay the importance of 4G services (Rysavy Research, LLC, Transition to 4G). Thesis Statement The discussion emphasizes on 3G as well as 4G wireless application technologies and the importance of the 4G system has increased with the adv ancement of technology. It will also emphasize on the advantages as well as disadvantages of these two wireless technologies. The implications of 4G system which provides ultra speed broadband service is assessed in the paper. Problem Description The 3G network system has been successfully integrated with the varied applications which are required for smartphones. The technology has advanced to an extent which requires enhanced performance as well as capacity. The 4G network system has been introduced for the new technologies such as tablets as well as notebooks for speedy accessing the varied information as well as services. There are certain basic differences in between the 3G and 4G network services which are offered to the people worldwide. 3G is considered as the world

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