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Liverppol Vision Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Liverppol Vision Company - Essay ExampleIn addition, they induct also gained resources from Europe and from the subject field Government, to create a City Centre that brings in new investiture and employment opportunities to the people of Liverpool metropolis. They have made a total investment of 3 billion, towards the regeneration of Liverpool city centre. The aims of scotch revival have been targeted at their chosen areas of action, which are as followsKings Waterfront - This region has the largest development on the Liverpool waterfront. Liverpool Vision and its partners English Partnerships, Northwest Development Agency and Liverpool City Council are jointly promoting its development by using its potential for residential, hotel, office, retail, leisure, community and open space uses.Hope way Quarter - Hope Street connects Liverpool to its cultural, spiritual and educational epicenters. It is the place of magnificent attractions such(prenominal) as The Royal Liverpool Philhar monic, the Liverpool Institute of Performing liberal arts (LIPA) and the successful award winning Hope Street Hotel. Another significant aspect of this area, is its distinct historic environment, the hallmark of which are the two landmark Cathedrals. Liverpool Vision is working with advert businesses and other stakeholders, with the intention of promoting the economic potential of this area by taking necessary steps to connect this area with the life of the city. wharf Head & Mann Island - This area of Liverpool has been the essence of what constitutes Liverpool to the rest of the world. It is made up some of the best known architectures such as of the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building, and the Port of Liverpool Building, collectively known as the Three Graces - with striking views of the river. In June 2005, Planning and Development Brief prepared by Liverpool Vision in collaboration with the two landowners, National Museums Liverpool and Northwest Regional Development Age ncy, was endorsed by the Liverpool City Council. This is the first step towards implementing the idea of rejuvenating this part of the city. mercantile district - This area was established in the 19th Century. Two of the most important stock exchanges clavus Exchange (Dale Street) and Cotton Exchange (Old Hall Street) are located in this district. Using resources, Liverpool Visions has ambitions to create a 21st century business environment, in commercials district to make up for the shortage of high timberland commercial space in Liverpool. In October 2005, Liverpool Vision was given the Outline Planning consent for a new Commercial Quarter in the heart of Liverpool City Centre. The proposals put forth will break the creation of 1.5m sq ft of high quality commercial space, new public spaces, and associated car parking on the area bounded by Leeds Street, Pall Mall, Tithebarn Street and Old Hall Street. Castle Street (Live establish District) - This area is made up of Victorian office buildings, which are now being converted into apartments, with their show floors being used for commercial purposes. Liverpool Vision is not just concerned with bringing new developments into residential and official area, but it also aims to remove traffic from main routes of this areas in order to, create a more pedestrian friendly environment. Lime Street Gateway - Lime street gateway is the key gateway to Liverpool

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