Friday, April 12, 2019

The Big Race Essay Example for Free

The Big Race testifyThe character I like best is Mrs. Wakefield because she always support her children . Sheteaches them the good things to do . She gives them a quick loving care everyday . She assure thattheir children have a good health and keep out-of-door from illness. Conflict or Problem The conflict or problem in the story is to let out a wheels for their soap-box derby cars. An separate one is the strategy that they will use in the contest to beat the other contestants so that theywill win. Most Interesting Part of Story The most interesting part of story is when the accelerate was started. The distance betweeneach cars are too near .Ken is get-go while Jessica is third during the race . Todd southward during therace has a problem,one of his wheel rolled mutilate . Jessica slip by with Todds car . A few seconds posterior Jessica overtake with Kens car . At last Jessica won in the race. Summary One break of the day in class,the twins teacher ,Mrs. Otis ,made a special announcement . TheSweet Valley Elem. School has persistent to sponsor a soap-box derby . Its kind of race . Each person who enters builds his or her stimulate car . Soap-box cars dont have engines,though, so races arealways down pitcher . It was after school that day .The Wakefields were in the lumber store buyingwoods and other materials for their soap-box cars . After dinner Mr. Wakefields helped the twinsclear out a space in the service department and got out tools to start building. It was Sunday and the twins were still trying to find wheels for their cars . The twinsask their mom where can they find wheels . The next day after school,Mrs. Wakefield,the twins,andsteven went to junkyard . Elizabeth and Jessica found a wheels for their cars . After they boughtwheels,they hurry up to go home,to sum up wheels to the poles and put it into the soap-box cars.OneThursday morning ,Mrs. Otis announce the route for the derby . Its marked in ruby on this map of Secca Lake . Th at afternoon ,Mrs. wakefield and the twins loaded both cars into the van . They will go at Secca Lake for practice runs . Everyones taking turns on the hill. When it was her turn, Jessica was flying down the hill . Then suddenly fringe One side of her car fell off . Then the other side . Jessicas car was broken into many pieces. On Saturday morning,the day of big race . The cars are lined up . the first race was begun .Jessica came in sixth while Ken came in first . The final race was begun . Jessica got off to agreat start ,but Ken and Todd still were ahead of her . Then about half away down the hill ,one of the Todds wheels rolled off . Jessica steered around todds car and missed him by an inch . Asecond later Jessica and Ken were lined up . Seconds later Jessica zipped across the finished line infirst place. Moral Lesson Dont loose hope in a contest or race ,it is just only a challenge of God . Alwaysthink positive that you can beat all the contestants and you will be the winner .

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