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Ted Bundy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ted Bundy - Research Paper ExampleMost of those that free rein out as wrap upers and serial publication killers have underlying traits that atomic number 18 beyond the rapport created. While it is non definitive pointer to a killer, extreme anti- cordial behaviour has been a classical indicator of the same (Crime Library, n.d). In line with this, it is critical that those that develop socially at a low pace are non subjected to unfair treatment, but those that fall from being highly sociable to isolation should warrant help. Potential serial killers also tend to develop voyeurism with the intention of dominating another being. In view of exerting dominance, most potential difference serial killers tend to harm animals such as cats, dogs, among others for the thrill of it. The above coupled with psychopathic tendencies are early indicators of serial killer traits. Such traits are coated by charm in an parturiency to mask their identity, which also works to lure victims. Ted Bun dy was no different presenting with changes in his social behaviour that was decline by a depressive disorder. Born in 1946, Theodore Robert Cowell confessed to numerous homicides around the country before his execution. He abducted his victims who were for the most part young women and girls before raping and killing them in cold blood. Known best by the alias Ted Bundy, he left a trail of bodies during his active years of the 70s. Ted a normal childhood, being brought up by his grandparents alongside his mother, who he believed was his sister. However, as a teenager Ted isolated himself from his peers stating that he did not understand social behaviour among teenagers (Criminal Minds, n.d). He studied psychology and Asian studies in college and worked various jobs at the time. It is during this period that he met Ann Rule, who would later write a definitive biography on Ted (Rule, 2012). Teds social challenges became evident by and by relationship breakup where his partner clai med lack of ambition and immaturity as her reasons. Consequently, he was depressed and income tax return to his hometown after dropping out of school. Which searching through public records, Ted discovered his parentage an aspect that had a profound effect in his life. His personality underwent a fundamental shift from a reserved and jump person to a more focussed, social and dominant one. It was during this period that he became a campaign bus for Nelson Rockefeller in his bid for the presidency. Moreover, Bundy enrolled as a psychology major in Washington and built a strong relationship with his professors and peers. Over the years, he also enrolled in the University of Utah in the school of constabulary amid recommendation from his employer, Evan Davis and several professors. However, the newfound character was short-lived as he began skipping classes and keeping to himself. There is no consensus as to when Ted began his reign of terror as he refused to divulge information on his earliest crimes. This is overly confessing to later killings where he provided detailed specifics of the crimes. In addition, different versions of the crime stories were told to different people indicating involvement in the murder of several people in the early 1970s. Nevertheless, it is agreeable that Teds first attempted murder was in 1974 after he bludgeoned his sleeping victim before sexually assaulting her. Despite surviving the attack, she suffered long-lasting brain damage and was not much of help in identifying the attacker (Greene and Heilbrun, 2011). The months that followed saw the disappearance of

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