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Free Movement of Goods Article 34 and 36 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

on the loose(p) Movement of Goods Article 34 and 36 - strive ExampleThe aspect of measures mountain also include the inaction of a defer to stop undercover individuals acts, which prevent the free movement of goods (The College of Law 2012, p200). The ECJ described the expression of quantitative restriction as measures that nitty-gritty to partial or total restraint of, based on the circumstances, exports, imports or goods in transit. There are two laws that apply in this category precisely in this case, the most applicable law is the instantly ban enforced by a instalment State (Spain) on imports from a nonher Member State (The College of Law 2012, p201). Free pork barrel Ltd plans to begin selling its products in Spain have been hampered by the law that requires the deal of sausages produced from humanely reared pigs to be canvas by Spanish Sausage Checkers (SSC). If the sausages are not checked by SSC, the law prohibits its sales in Spain. However, the process of verif ying whether the sausages have those conditions is usually lengthy. Therefore, Free Pork can contest this Spanish law. There is also a law that requires the name of the company not to use words that imply health or fitness. Free Pork can also dispute this law because it restricts the importation of goods and can affect the brand image of the company. The SSC is a form of a licencing system, which correspond to the articles, subjects the import of merchandises to the condition of getting an import licence. Even in situations where the application for an import licence is regarded a mere formality it is a vicenary Restriction. This is because is simply a mechanism in which imports can be restricted. In practice, it is very rare for the Member States laws to result to quantitative restrictions. The ban on exports or imports surrounded by Member States is only found in unusual circumstances (The College of Law 2012, p201). Therefore, failure by Free Pork Ltd to meet the conditions set by the Spanish laws is an outright ban on exporting sausages to this Member State. As stated earlier, the ban only happens in unusual circumstances, and thus, Free Pork can challenge the law because an unusual circumstance lacks, which prohibits it from exporting the goods to Spain. The directive was important in developing a truncated wording of the Article 34 TFEU (Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union) and it continues to offer guidance on the measures that can constitute a breach of Article 34 TFEU prohibitions. Article 2(1) of the directive describes a class of measures (for instance, interior(a) laws) that treat imported goods and domestic goods differently. They are commonly referred to as distinctly applicable measures. Article 3 of the directive describes a class of national laws that apply equally to imported and domestic products. These laws have a restrictive impact and they are commonly referred to as indistinctly applicable (The College of Law 2012, p20 2). Therefore, the directive classifies twain indistinctly and distinctly applicable measures as measures that have an impact equivalent to restrictions on imports. From the statement, it can be stated that a national law can become MEQR (Measures having Equivalent effect to a Quantitative Restriction) regardless of whether it discriminates against imported products or appears to treat them in the same way as domestic products but is in

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