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Business Planning and Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business Planning and Development - look for ExampleHorlicks is regarded as one of the leading health food alcohol addictions all over the world. Brothers namely mob and William Horlick of England were the co-inventor of Horlicks. In the year 1873, James and William had established a business to manufacture their own brand of infant food. After 10 years, both the brothers gained patent for their caller-out as a dried milk. From the year 1887, the company food marketed its offerings by the name of malted milk. Malted milk had become very popular at that time because it was mixed up with ice cream. Horlicks contains a massive range of vitamins and min erals. It keeps nervous systems healthy. It gives energy to people. Horlicks was the start-off launched product that is use to increase the nutrition of infants. Horlicks was used in London as hot protein drink when the Olympic Games were held in the year 1948. At that time, Horlicks was very popular because it provided required en ergy to the players. Consequently, it is comprehended that since the era of World War II, Horlicks has been marketed as an energy boosting health drink to facilitate its reach amid a wider member of target audience from infants to sports persons. At present, GlaxoSmithKline is the manufacturer of Horlicks in the regions such as the United Kingdom, India, Bangladesh and South Africa among others (Horlicks, 2011). A PEST Analysis to Discuss the Effect of Recent Events on the Modern Communication Efforts of Horlicks It can be apparently stated that the political, economic, social and technological factors significantly affect the marketing colloquy activities performed by a company. Any kind of changes in events can cause major strategic changes for a brand to market its product. A brand might require altering its pricing and promotional strategies in keeping with changes in economic condition of a nation. Similarly, in case of Horlicks as well these factors have had a colossal infl uence. Political Environment Political influence can originate for a product from diverse sources which in turn can affect a brands marketing and operational strategies. In semblance to Horlicks, it is determined that political factors such as government polices related to food safety can constrain a significant impact on it progression (Jordan, 1998). In this regard, it is observed that the advertising standards authority (ASA) in the United Kingdom had in recent times objected the commercial tagline used by Horlicks i.e. Taller, Stronger, Sharper. Horlicks has used this tagline in countries such as India as well to provide a commercial direction to its offerings. In addition, Horlicks has utilised the aspect of exam fear prevailing amid children to create a niche market for its a majority of variety of products. However, such an approach is viewed as an attempt to cash in on the target consumers fear, insecurity and anxiety (Shukla, 2012). Thus, governing authority in countries such as the UK have clamped cut back on this kind of promotional endeavour, which in turn can influence Horlickss marketing communication efforts. Economic Environment The UK economy has changed from the year 1970. Since that period, there has been a steady rise in the level of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which has

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