Saturday, March 16, 2019

Violence Will Never Bring Victory Over Terrorism :: Argumentative Persuasive Topics

Violence Will Never Bring advantage Over Terrorism   This has been a very angry year for some(prenominal) of us - the year since September 11, 2001.  In a spirit of anger, loathe spreads to become hostility. This  hostility must be focused on something or someone. Howard Thurman in his book The Growing Edge, states, If hostility cannot express itself toward eitherthing else, then it is exchangeable a boomerang and turns upon its possessor.  A key question that all Americans hold back to face is how to respond to the death and destruction brought into our lives by the terrorist attacks. One efficiency expect hate and hostility, but the prevailing response has been compassion and high-minded efforts to support those who have suffered a loss.   Immediately after the attacks of 9/11, prexy bush-league identified the key issues, including the anger and grief of the American people. Bush said, Grief has turned to anger and our anger to resolution. We are reso lute in the goal of victory over terrorism and the defeat of those who harbor terrorist. What does that excogitate resolute mean? Firmness, Determination, Pursuing a fixed draw a bead on, unwavering.  This fixed purpose continues to seek  target s around the world.   The glass in the berth view mirror of my car cracked last week so I looked in the phone book to find a cleanse scab. I choose one on Lee Highway. On the remedy I saw an auto glass repair shop so I pulled in to the parking lot. I had the car with the broken mirror so I asked the lady behind the counter if they could replace the glass. She looked at the car and said they did not stock that piece and could not friction match the tinting. I pulled out the address and name of the original glass shop that was on down the road and asked her how far it was or if she could recommend any place that would be closer. She stated that Brainerd folderol was closer. I asked which shop she would recommend. She said, Brainerd Glass -- that other shop is run by a man from Saudi-Arabian Arabia. I responded, there are good and problematical people in Saudi Arabia just as there are good and bad people in Chattanooga.   I hope our targets are more say than at those who are Arab, or practice Islam, or look wish well a terrorist and board a plane, or have ideas that seem strange.

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