Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Poems of William Blake Essay -- William Blake English Romantic Poe

The Poems of William BlakeWhat have you understood, from reading the poems of William Blake?William Blake, a late 18th one C English Romantic poet usestraditional forms for his poetry in that he blends the ballad, the greenhouse rhyme and the hymn. The meaning he constructs from these formshowever is far from traditional. His style was to enunciate very complexideas in very simple language and densification a lot of deep meaninginto often very shortly poems. Blake was a rebel and was over enjoyedwhen the French rotary motion liberated the oppress underclass. Hewanted social equality but the industrial revolution just widened thegap between the rich and the poor. He often criticised theEstablishment, curiously the Church, for its hypocrisy and he wasagainst things that prevented the human spirit from world free,t presentfore he disliked the rulings of kings and priests. All thatsurrounded him had an influence on his poetry.His poems are disordered into innocence and experienc e, both oppositesas Innocence has the sounds of laughter and joy the images of relaxation, children being protected, unthreatening animals like thebirds and the lamb also watcher of nature, the roses and the non alarmingdaylight, spark and sunshine reflecting the creators warm love.Next, experience which is something which you bring to yourself astime passes here we hear sounds of crying, weeping, sighing andcursing. We see frightening animals like the tiger also the darknesswhich we associate with darkness, evil and sin. Blake comparesinnocence and experience by using happiness and sadness, health andsickness, day and night, positive and negative emotions, beautifulnature and scary nature also the peaceful country a... I have learnt close the twoopposite natures and the different states of being, it shows you howthe times have changed and todays children have umteen more rights, butnature in all its excellence and beauty is still there and will neverchange. It portra ys realism and the hardship that not only thechildren of that time had to face but all the poor, under internalpeople. He captured his time using realism and the drudgery. He showsus practiced innocence and its saddening and moving how innocence cannever last Although Blake was not very well known throughout hislife, he became a incision of history creating some of the most passionatepoetry of all time. He was an artist of great ability creating amazingpieces of work with profound simplicity encouraging and inspiringpeople around the world. Exercising the minds of many of us still tothis day

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