Tuesday, March 19, 2019

St.Augustines Theodicy and St.Irenaeus theodicy as a weak response to

Augustines theodicy is greatly influenced by the creation stories of the Old Testament (Genesis 1-3). While cerebration about Augustines theodicy it is worth bearing in mind that he interpreted the Genesis stage as a literal write up of the origins of the piece and also as a mythological story that communicated value and meaning. While most Christians today would not suggest that the Genesis story is liter every last(predicate)y true, they still value the ideas Augustine puts forward in his theodicy. Augustines theodicy is basically- immortal is perfect and creates perfection (garden of Eden), God gave us free bequeath which we in turn misuse which in turn leads to the top of man and whence evil comes into the world. So now the whole world is evil and corrupted, inwrought Evil is then a result of this corruption. Every unmatchable after the fall shares in the sins of Adam- Original Sin, until Jesus saves us by dying for our sins on the cross. In the book of Romans (512) it e nunciates Therefore, incisively as sin came into the world through one man, and death came through sin, and so death shall spread to all because all have sinned. Therefore humanity is responsible for evil. But roughly whitethorn say that God gave us free go away in the premier(prenominal) place and if God is all knowing then He knew the fall would happen and therefore he is not all loving or all powerful as he knew evil would come into the world and yet did nothing about it. Vardy comes up with an analogy that works with St.Augustines theodicy- the story about the prince and the peasant, a rich prince falls in get it on with a peasant exclusively knows that if he went up to her clad in his rich fine cottons and silks then she would not truly love him still love what he has. So the prince disguises himself as another peasant and woos ... ...so a story of a girl who is beaten and beaten by her parents but does not know why because she is so young. Ivan would say that having f ree will is still not worth itOn the other hand some believe that Irenaeus Theodicy is effective. They may say that the theory works well with evolution, in the sense that the world was bad and it must be made into perfection. They say that we were once imperfect and have since improved and evolved but this would happen through suffering and therefore it is possible to tie the two theories together. Having to suffer in order to achiever the virtues seems sensible and logical as many sportsmen will know that pain shows that your working hard, this also ties in with the aesthetic principle. personally I believe that the Irenaeun Theodicy is weak and feeble as there is just too much evil in the world in par to the good.

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