Friday, March 15, 2019

Shakespeares character Juliet :: essays research papers

Paragraph I (Juliet)Romeo and Juliet both grew up in haughty, setoff class households, where they were provided with everything they wanted and needed, not to mention a broad instruction including proper etiquettes. Juliet is a very courageous and loyal person to Romeo, for she not lonesome(prenominal) stands up to her parents, but to systematic way of life that has existed for hundreds of geezerhood (arranged marriages). Shes tells her mother immediately at the ball that she will only meet Paris because she wants her to and not because she is voluntarily interested in him Ill look to like, if looking liking move.But no more late will I endart mine eyeThan your consent gives strength to gear up it fly. (1,iii,98-100)Romeo on the other hand shows courage, but not the same kind. He has a loving relationship with his father, and his courage is shown by him perusing his beloved for Juliet, knowing the consequences of associating with a Capulet. Since men could marry whoever they wanted, I wouldnt jaw him courageous. Juliet also qualifies as devoted, after the nurse tells her that she should just go onward and marry Paris, she says she will kill herself if she is forced to marry Paris. She would rather enquire her own life than to have a life without RomeoAncient eternal damnation Oh, most wicked fiendIs it more sin to wish me so forsworn,Or to dispraise my lord with that same tongueWhich she hath praised him above comparison

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