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Primary Dysmenorrhea Essay examples -- Health, Gynecological Problems

Primary dysmenorrhea refers to the occurrence of painful menstrual cramps of uterine generator by a hyper secretion of endome footrace prostaglandins and is a gynecological complaint.Common intercession for this problem is medical therapy such as mefenamic astringent (NSAIDs drugs) or viva contraceptive pills which both work by reducing myometrial activity. One of helpful herbal agents to reducing potential dysmenorrhea is fennel. In this randomized clinical trial (RCT) study was compared fennel drop with mefenamic acid for reducing pain of particular dysmenorrhea. Sixty college students with moderate dysmenorrhea were randomly selected and flowed up two cycle.29 Of 30 students hide the study in study group and 30 students reminded in envision group. In first month no extra medications used, but in second month in study group was taken fennel drop (25 drop every 6 hour) and they can use mefenamic acid if necessary.According to this study, it seems that fennel oil can be effe ctive in reducing the severity of dysmenorrhea bur malodor and bad taste were non acceptable for most of the volunteers.Key word fennel, primary dysmenorrhea, herbal drug. induction Primary dysmenorrhea is one of the most common gynecological problems in Women(Marjoribanks, varan et al. 2003 Lefebvre, Pinsonneault et al. 2005(Harel 2006)). More than 70% of Iranian females experience painful menstruation (PANAHANDEH, Pakzad et al. 2008) .Between 50% till 80% of females fibed some levels of discomfort associated with mens , and 20% report sever dysmenorrhea.(Proctor and Farquhar 2007).Primary dysmenorrhea a condition associated with ovulatory cycles, is due to myometrium contractions induced by prostaglandins in the second half of menstrual cycle. Many women e... ...romi study one of xxx case had more bleeding. Akhavan Amjadi in her investigation showed there is no implication difference between severity bleeding in fennel exploiter ( Akhavan amjadi ).she showedThe essence of f ennel can be used as a safe and effective herbal drug for primary dysmenorrhea, however, it may break a lower potency than mefenamic acid in the dosages used for this study. in our cases they can use mefenamic acid when fennel drops were not effective overflowing and support Akhavan amjadi finding.Smith reported in one trial stylostixis reduced mestural symptom compared with Chinese herbs.(Smith, Zhu et al. 2011)Khodakrami showed both mefenamic acid and herbal drugs effectively relieved dysmenorrhea as compared with the placebo. She suggested more clinical trials are needed to relieve oneself the efficacy of fennel (Khodakrami Nahid, Fariborz et al. 2008).

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