Monday, March 18, 2019

An Innocent Man Wronged in Oleanna Essay -- David Mamet

Sometimes at that place are events in our lives that we cannot control. These events occur, more or less, due to our own actions. Sometimes, however, we mustiness come to foothold with our inability to handle certain situations and also to sink our goals. These events are facts of life everyone some concourse cant run as fast, or lift as much, or write as well. It is during these times that we must focus on what we can do well, and screen to direct our goals nigh those features that make us commodity at something. In David Mamets Oleanna, John loses his origin and his house due to chirrups ignorance, lack of self-confidence, and over both inability to come to terms with her own short-comings as a student. This play epitomizes an act of complete degradation based solely on one individuals failure to accept that she only when might not be good at school--or at least Johns class.In an attempt to supporter a young student named chirp, a professor named John loses his hous e and his job. All of the blame rests on Carols shoulders, for it was she that allowed her delusions of vastness and success (being without the necessary skills to attain them) to ruin the life of man who has apply his life to helping students do righteous that. Carols ignorance plays a big fictitious character in this tragedy. From the very beginning of this play, it is apparent that Carol does not view the information given in class, but it is her unwillingness to even try that makes her at fault. People who came here. To know something they didnt knowTo be helpedSo soul would help them (12). Carol is begging John to understand that she is stupid. She doesnt want help in the sense that someone might want help written material a paper. She wants it hand fed to her, and tuition is a process that involves the teacher pointing the way, not carrying someone to the end. Carols misconceptions of how college is supposed to work can only be dissolvent of not having been exposed to the realities of higher education, but I opine that she just doesnt have the skills she needs to succeed. Nobody tells me anything. And I sit therein the corner. In the back (14). This is an example of the total lack of demand that Carol has to learn. Her ignorance leads her to believe that a college education is supposed to hand fed. She just sits there, in the back, without an attempt to even try to learn on her own. We all need help form time to tim... ...hool. They have lived their lives fearing that the system of education has decided that they are failures. This group has only one goal, and that is to succeed. Their success, however, has a price. Those people who stand in the way re their enemies. Johns fate was a result of Carol finding this group, and allowing them to use her as a pawn in their own sick, twisted agenda. All the members of this group suffer from the same infirmity that ails Carol ignorance, lack of self-confidence, and an ability to cope with their own shortcomings as students.Carol represents a group of people that are the destruction of the higher education system. Their complete disregard for societal structure cost a good teacher his job and his home. It seems that today, when we are unable to get what we want by earning it, we have to destroy and tear down the barriers in our way. This is exactly what Carol does, and the manner in which she executes her plan would leave most students to wonder wherefore even try? Works CitedMamet, David. Oleanna A Play in dickens Acts. The Best Plays of 1992-1993. Eds. Otis L. Guernsey, Jr. and Jeffrey Sweet. New York Limelight, 1993. 150-164

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