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Our Day Out by Willy Russell Essay -- Special Needs Britain Our Day Ou

Our Day Out by Willy RussellFor our second module, we looked at the study of the convey Our DayOut by Willy Russell. The play is approximately a special needs class fromLiverpool going on a day out to Wales, and the different dilemmas theyput their teachers Mr. Briggs and Mrs. Kay through (like stealinganimals from a zoo).We had to choose three key instants that we thought were the mostimportant sections from the play and where we thought drama was builtaround. For us, the key characters in the story be Mr. Briggs, astrict teacher Mrs. Kay, a gentler teacher, and Carol, a quiet schoolchildin the special needs class. We used different explorative strategieswhilst under genuine and performing our drama. This essay is the responseto the play.Our first key irregular that we chose was a conversation between theheadmistress and Mr. Briggs. We thought this was a key number becauseit showed a drop in Mr. Briggs status. We got to this conclusionafter a group discussion. We pertinacio us to hot seat the characters inorder to develop them. We wanted to detect out how Mr. Briggs reallyfelt about not having the total authority. Mr. Briggs real into astrict disciplinarian who hated most people. However Mrs. Kaydeveloped into a sweet motherly type teacher.Our second key moment was Mrs. Kay defending herself and answeringback during a disagreement with Mr. Briggs. We decided this was a keymoment because it let us show a entirely different side to Mrs. Kay.We used thought-tracking so we could show the audience Mrs. Kays realanger. However the actor playing Mrs. Briggs found it difficult to suit to the channelise in character. To help her and the drama out, weused the explorative schema forum theatre so w... ...ned herstatus. Mr. Briggs responded by seeming to shrink so there was anapparent change in status.Our final key moment was marked by an past by Mr. Briggs. The finalkey moment shows Mr. Briggs destroying the film after the day out. Weshowed him destroying the film as an aside so that the audience knewsomething that the characters didnt Dramatic Irony. There was nodialogue during the aside which made it much more effective. The asidealso suggested that Mr. Briggs didnt change at all and that it wasall an act. It developed the audiences dislike of Briggs even more.Mr. Briggs however, regained his status once again as he was the solelycharacter left on storey and he was centre stage so all eyes were onhim.Overall I imagine our key moments were accurate and the explorativestrategies we used helped us develop our characters and our drama.

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