Saturday, February 16, 2019

eBay and Cable TV :: essays research papers

wrinkle Tv has long been considering ways in which they could create an interactive survive for viewers. Most plans fell to the wayside and were not taken seriously payable to lack of interest, as well as, a surge in more than profitable sectors including digital cable, high-speed Internet, and telephony. Any interest that was given to interactional Television (ITV) centered around shopping. Analysts such as Gary Arlen, president of Arlen Communicaitons, visor that the rise of e-commerce has made consumers more comfortable with buying things from a screen. scorn the reluctance of consumers to adapt, and due to the change in consumer spending habits, cable TV operaters have a renewed interest in ITV and are trying to work out a way that viewers can pulmonary tuberculosis a remote control to make purchases as instantly as they change channels.Time Warner Cable has teamed with eBay to smooth the transition and for a evidence group of 50,000 participants in the Austin, Texas a rea, ITV became a reality last Thursday. Those researched were already letting boxes from the cable serve and subscribed to its digital video recorder service before being introduced to the new concept. This "trial" effort is being offered at no charge and marks the first deal for the Plano, TX-based Biap Systems eBay on TV service.Users of the service can access their eBay accounts, submit new bids on watched items, and lede existing bids with a remote control, but no search of eBay is soon offered unfortunately.Though using eBay to revitalize the ITV concept is a smart move, eBay is not the first ITV channel. Always on the cutting edge of consumer technology, Sharper show launched its ITV offer in February on satellite TV programming supplier Dish Network.

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