Saturday, February 23, 2019

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius Essay

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius is a great name for this novel because it is heartbreaking. One of the key features of this novel and ace of my favorite parts is the way in which Eggers writes. He uses this stream sense paper style which basically means he writes what he thinks. This subject of writing tangiblely connected with me because Eggers doesnt just tell you what happened in his life hardly he makes you feel it. Much of what happens to Eggers is heart wrenching, make my stomach turn, and my heart pound.Eggers is the main character in this really steep story that deals with the last of both his parents and his life afterward. I think that I standardizedd this novel because it really deals with death in a very(prenominal) real and raw way. Often, authors attempt to sugar coat the idea of death and everyone who has ever experienced death knows that it is messy physically and emotionally. When the Egger brothers digest their parents so close together it reall y effected me. I had to question what would happen to me and my siblings if and when my parents die. Many people think that a child only becomes an adult after they lose their parents.I think more or less Dave and how vast it really took him to become an adult. Dave has a really witty, and sarcastic narration. He writes and gives a whole lot of detail. I think when Dave talks nigh his kindred with his younger brother and more importantly his ability to parents it both risible and also disturbing. Dave writes about things that were not only milestones in his life but also in mine. For example he talks all about the idea of exhibitionism and the idea of ingenuousness television. He writes about his experiences auditioning for MTVs Real World.I think this is really important because I cognise in a world that really likes reality yet this reality television is real at all. I think that is what Daves writing really emphasizes the idea of appearance versus reality. Dave really does a great hypothesise of catching the spirit of youth. The idea that young adults have all the exemption in the world to do and be whatever they want. At the alike time we have so many societal pressures that can incline to misbehavior, addiction, and abandonment. This book is considered a memoir and not exactly an autobiography. He shows how the tender memory works.It is not literal it is full of imperfections and non-facts, and full real emotion. Our memories, like Dave explains, are just as real as any real thing that has happened. Humans remember in exaggerated fashion, emotions become more intense or fade. In the end this is a story about one mans memory of how he lost his parents and tried to find his life. This book is not beautifully written. It is full of grammatic errors, and beat ons. But it is the perfect metaphor for the human mind, memory, and ultimately life is imperfect, heartbreaking, and genius.

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