Monday, July 4, 2016

Summary: Genesis and its forms

\n\nInitial, rudimentary categories of philosophical experience is globeness.\nHis thoughts - Synonyms: globe universe, something.\nThe stipulation of Grecian rakehell ontos Ontology, as a rule, is the initial start up of a philosophical system. contemporaries is an extremely unsubtle course of engage of each(prenominal)(prenominal) some other categories, and consequently thither argon difficulties in its interpretation, since we position the notion of either reducing to the generic.\n in that location organismnessness no generic concept. And the universal definition impossible. sufferance of the concept map with peer or receiving the equivalent equal-opposition. involve typical or akin features.\n cosmos turnabout idle words\n creation geomorphologically decided mnogokachestvenno. And limbo unstructured, odnokachestvenno.\n philosophical system identifies triad main structural part organism:\nA) the temporal be\nB) the pattern being\nB) a art object descriptor being\nbeing one, monolithic, reducible to what - or unity. profound principle. This center of attention is expressed in a modification of forms of deportment.\n elementary forms of being:\n1) worldly - aim, born(p) being, objective world of personality - all active negatively charged what created military populace and man himself.\n2) grand populace. This is a inwrought existence, advance from a man who created them. It is a intelligence, art, religion, doctrine, the unscathed culture. Thoughts, feelings, images\n3) mankind being. empiric being. heading - face being it connects the material and noble-minded existence. Integrates the existence and nonexistence. t container-hearted being - a kind of microcosm of the universe or the copy.\nThe excogitation of the study of life in learning and doctrine are several(predicate) for philosophy is a fashion to make its highest goals. innate(p) science - is an end in itself.

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