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On Wednes twenty-four hour period March 15 and 22 I attended run acrosss of the Serentiy Group, a local meeting class of Alcoholics Anonymous that were held at the congregational Church in East Bridgew take inr. The meetings started round 8:00 pm and went until each member was given the opportunity to speak, or to sh be their feelings in some mode. There was a total of 15 pot present, including myself and my companion. The convocation was primarily made up of males, in that love was unriv e really last(predicate)ed female aside from my companion and I. The age of the assort members was pretty a colossal deal middle age (late 30s to 50s).         Before lean the meeting I was very apprehensive slightly going, for to a greater extent reasons. The main one was that I did non know what to expect. I was unsure of who was going to be there, if I would know anyone, or if anyone would know me. I felt up as though I was going to be invading the privac y of those in attendance. Upon comer at I felt very extremely disturb for two reasons, the obvious age difference, and the male to female ratio. The soreness passed quickly as the members of the pigeonholing welcomed us in, and made us feel as if we were a part of the concourse. I involve that part of my sign nervousness was due to the fact that I did not know what to expect, I was unsure as to what a drunk would look the bids of. Once I arrived I attain that they do not look any different than anyone else. My initial public opinion was that the meeting would be very depressing, a roll up of drunks sitting around telling stories about how alcohol destroyed their lives feeling sorry for themselves. Once I met these people and began conversing with them I knew I was wrong. I think that I felt this course because of the negative stereotypes that ar attached to cosmos a drunk, and not what the unconditional cause of a chemical convention such as Alcoholics Anonymous could be.        Â!  In this minuscular group of individuals I strand somewhat of a family structure. These people cargond not only about themselves, but each early(a) as well. They all dual-lane their addiction to alcohol, which brought them to procureher. The outlook and attitude of these people was very optimistic. This move me considerably because I had expected the meeting to be all-embracing of negativity and pessimism. The warm welcome that this group gave me showed me how much that they do care and how willing they are to care others disconcert with alcoholism. The one thing about this group that surprised me the approximately was how openly they referred to themselves as drunks. I had always thought that it would be an vilification or degrading to a recovering lush to retrieve them a drunk. I realized that I was wrong. world a drunk is what each and everyone of these people is, and in put for them to get the recovery passage they posit to first bear to themselves tha t they are indeed a drunk.          unmatchable belief that seemed to be held universally among all of the members of the group was that AA has one purpose. That purpose is to booster alcoholics push-down stack with their addiction to alcohol. An AA meeting is where you go to discuss the effects of alcohol on you, it is not time to air your vexatious airstream about businesss with other substances. If you desire or need suspensor coping with your addiction to alcohol, AA is a solution, if you want help with other addictions, AA is not a solution. Each member of the group precious to help themselves and anyone else who needed or desired it. The group potently believed in the 12 touchstones, focusing heavily on the fourthly and fifth steps as being the duet to dead on target recovery, saying that the recovery process began once you crossed the bridge. It seemed as though each mortal in the group gained a strong sense of who they were and what was au thoritative to them to survive. I was given the impr! ession that they had an estimate of how important they are to themselves and their family and how important alcohol was to them.         One major concept that came up passim both meetings was the approximation of one day at a time. It was this idea that helped each of them to become sober and how they hoped to endure sober. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Alcoholism is not like a cold or the flu, its not gone when you call down up in the morning, it will always be there. When alcoholism is looked at on the short term basis, one day at a time, rather than on the long term, a week, month, or year, it makes gloominess more re alistic and more manageable. temperance was not a term that was used a galvanic pile throughout the meetings, instead the term not drinking came up instead a bit. I was given the impression that this was because of the jam that is implied by the word sober.         Both the 12 steps and the 12 traditions are major players in the lives of those in the group. The meetings and their lives seemed to revolve around them. At each meeting they read about the fifth step and the fifth tradition. They discussed both the step and the tradition ate great length, and what each meant on a personal level. They took the idea of pickings inventory on themselves very seriously. It was as though they felt once they comp allowed this process they were truly on their way to recovery.         Although I only attended two meetings with this small group of people, they taught me a great deal about component myself. They let me know that to get through it you need to be viciously honest with yourself. They showed me! that alcoholics are ordinary people skillful like you and me, and what they need most of all is support and understanding.         I plant this group extremely informative and helpful and I would passing recommend any type of self help brass instrument to anyone who feels they need help dealing with the problems in their common lives. I believe that a group such as The ataraxis Group, would be extremely beneficial to those who had a problem with alcohol. Their positive attitude and outlook that they posses makes the road to recovery achievable. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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