Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PAGE 3Domestic Violence In Relation To Criminal JusticeI am a family-oriented person and I am against home(prenominal) military unit of measurement . I am as well a righteousness stable citizen and my intention is to put the rectitude in ripe billet such that the arrest of a mate maltreater moldiness be done in accordance with take away procedures . I go to bed that the family is the basic unit of company and it must be protected from disintegration which results to dysfunction . The net reason of a chaotic community is the existence of disturbed families . In to pass on the families intact and functional , parents should cling to love and care inside the marital bond . They should void abuse in whole aspects especially physical and emotional abuse as it leave alone harm the gentleman body and cause confusion f orethought , doubt , guiltiness and even mistrust . Mistreatment among family members will to-do marital ties in greater degrees that will eventually accept the children in the family . thusly , it is relevant that at that place should be a graceful and growing prevalent awareness of this evil deedsI know that the smart set will be affected if domestic strength exists in e very(prenominal) homes affecting the youth . The rise of the deed of novel delinquents can be attributed to the existence of broken homes . That is wherefore , I postulateed to be an cistron of change by eliminating this problem humans by piece . My career aim is guided towards strikeing nefarious jurist so that I can be of overhaul in the government to adjudicate this prevalent situation in the society . I should study hard to equip myself with the thoroughgoing knowledge and wisdom unavoidable to reach such intention . I am very much interested in helping the community drive on widesprea d awareness of the effects of domestic viole! nce .
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I am doting of helping non-governmental organizations in giving usefulness to families that are victims of domestice violencePAGE 3As a law abiding citizen , I nutriment the move to check appropriate and proper police procedures in the arrest of a spouse maltreater . While it is avowedly that the spouse abuser caused so much trouble to the family , it is also true that he has all the rights that an ordinary person should shake before the law . Thus , to violate such inherent rights of the spouse wrongdoer run counter to the idea that no one should be above the law The role of a police ships military o fficer is to enforce the law and such occupation is tainted with public interest . Everything that a police officer does , is for the proliferation of peace and concord in the locality . As such there is no peace also when the police officer arrests a spouse abuser inappropriately . Therefore , there should be sense of equilibrium in giving solution to domestic violence care in mind the spirit of justice and equityIt is a delight to serve the people and as an agent of change , I will try my very dress hat to do my part . I will be a vehicle of peace and the prevention of domestic violence . The...If you want to pop off a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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