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Compare How Shakespeare Portrayed Elizabeth Woodville In His Play `richard Iii` To How She Was In Real Life

A COMPARISON OF SHAKESPEARE S PORTRAYAL OF ELIZABETH WOODVILLE WITH A HISTORICAL FIGURE2005 IntroductionElizabeth Woodville was faithfulness of those personalities who considerably influenced diachronic events , but she was such a distant woman that historians and presented ambiguous portrayals of Woodville in their works . Although William Shakespeare made an strain to adhere to truthful representation of characters in his historical fulfills , the playwright underestimated the role of Elizabeth Woodville in the history of Great Britain . In his assemble Richard terzetto Shakespeare showed Woodville in the background of the occurred political and brotherly events of the fifteenth century , paying more aid to such masculine characters as Richard III , Buc world powerham and Henry VII . lonesome(prenominal) when in re al life this strong and beautiful womanly sedulous the central position on the political scope frankincense , the aim of this research is to compare a historical regard of Elizabeth Woodville with William Shakespeare s prototype Elizabeth in the play Richard IIIElizabeth Woodville and Shakespeare s characterElizabeth Woodville s life began to eviscerate attention of historians and since her labor union to Edward IV , a lofty member of York dynasty who became the king of Britain after the prolonged Wars of Roses (Pollard 17-21 . Edward IV was everywherewhelmed by Woodville s charm and stubbornness , and he proposed her to marry him at Grafton Regis , condescension the fact that this marriage was opposed both by his pal Richard and the followers of Edward . When Richard started a secret struggle against Edward IV , it was Elizabeth Woodville who managed to authorize the conflict and correct the relations between the royal families of Lancaster and York . In the play Rich ard III Shakespeare presents Elizabeth as a ! brave and compassionate woman who makes everything to pay off her children , as well as her position . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Adhering to a quite dramatic portrayal of Elizabeth the dramatist reveals Woodville s wit when the Queen manages to prepare marriage of her daughter with the Earl of capital of Virginia , the representative of Lancaster family , in to oppose Richard from taking control over her and her family . Shakespeare demonstrates that although she fails to save her husband Edward IV , she nevertheless succeeds in change BritainIn real life Elizabeth Woodville seized the opportunity of her marriage to Edward IV to helpe r her relatives acquire reserve places in the British court . In particular , her br differents managed to get appropriate titles and her sisters managed to marry persons of distinguished birth . However , Elizabeth went beyond these arrangements , change magnitude her social and political power that became an open threat to Richard the Duke of Gloucester , Edward s brother and Earl of Warwick . much(prenominal) power and strong position of Elizabeth aroused hesitancy in her enemies who usu every(prenominal)y regarded Woodville as a witch . But in reality it was her intelligence that raised Elizabeth above other batch , as well as her ability to adjudge all difficulties . When Elizabeth s first husband Sir John Grey , died during the bout of St . Albans , Elizabeth remained with dickens children Thomas and Richard and...If you want to get a full(a) essay, order it on our website:

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